stop fear in life

Why is it that you won't speak up and say what you want to say?

How come you can't be who you really are (or who you know you could be?)

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We make all kinds of excuses for why we don't do the things in life that are most important to us…

  • Not today, but we'll get to it
  • I don't have enough knowledge or expertise

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It can happen without you even realizing it…fear can become the basis for all of your thoughts, your beliefs which, in turn, govern your actions and your results.

Think about it, if you fear not having the self-confidence to be criticized (for example), you will spend enormous amounts of energy organizing your thoughts, your vision for your future, your life plan and your day-to-day activity in order to avoid being criticized.

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Is fear preventing you from living a happy, fulfilling life?

If so, what is the source of that fear and how can you overcome fear to live life as you were meant to live it?

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stuck-in-lifeWhy is it that we are born with a nearly limitless view of what is possible without judging our ability to be a part of that greatness, but that today we are a LONG way from that original assumption in our lives?

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Ho w many of you reading this today are being held back in your life in at least one area because you don't know how to deal with your fear?

For example…

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Can I ask you what you are afraid of?

It's a very important question, one that just may get you past the rut you find your life in right now liberating you to finally live your true potential.

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lower stress One of the leading contributing factors to anxiety, stress, and overwhelm is feeling as though you do not control your situation.

Not surprisingly the events that have occurred and that have been reported extensively including the financial crisis, mass killings, higher unemployment, corruption, etc…all feed into the bucket of making us feel less in control of our lives.

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I was coaching a client last evening and we got into a breakthrough discussion about what motivates people that achieve a specific desire, goal or outcome in their life versus those that do not.

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It seemed simple to me, fear of failure was a huge roadblock to progress in key areas of life so until we can deal with that fear, we can't come close to realizing our true potential and have to continually battle the frustration that goes with being held back. 

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