It can happen without you even realizing it…fear can become the basis for all of your thoughts, your beliefs which, in turn, govern your actions and your results.

Think about it, if you fear not having the self-confidence to be criticized (for example), you will spend enormous amounts of energy organizing your thoughts, your vision for your future, your life plan and your day-to-day activity in order to avoid being criticized.

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Can you think of times when you were paralyzed by fear because you believed you were going to be perceived negatively by those around you?

Perhaps a speech you didn't give, a fear of approaching someone in a higher-level position than you at work, a joke that you didn't tell at a party because you just didn't know if it would come off funny?

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More than ever before, wouldn't it make a massive difference in your life if you had more courage?

If you could grow your courage in life you could…

  • Meet the guy or girl of your dreams

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