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Wouldn't you agree that a very significant portion of your happiness in life happens through inspiration?

I know that when I'm inspired, all of the right buttons are going off and I can most accurately point to what being fully happy and engaged in life is really like.

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As people work their way through programs like Attracting Greatness or SNAP: Getting Unstuck In Your Life one of the common questions we get is around self-confidence.

For many people, they were brought up to be considerate, treat everyone as equal and do not look down upon others no matter what your opinion of your own abilities.

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What if we could put our finger on the trigger that brings about change in your life starting you down a different path…a path where you can do away with bad habits and replace them with discipline, replace frustration and hopelessness with joy and excitement and achieve more in a few weeks than you have all year?

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Not sure if you caught the Grammy Awards last evening, but Kanye West was at it again…

Years back Kanye interfered with Taylor Swift's acceptance speech at the Grammy's sending off a storm of press and controversy, this year's near repeat seemed to have been in jest, but it definitely caught the attention of everyone watching and the social media sites are burning up.

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Can you think of times when you were paralyzed by fear because you believed you were going to be perceived negatively by those around you?

Perhaps a speech you didn't give, a fear of approaching someone in a higher-level position than you at work, a joke that you didn't tell at a party because you just didn't know if it would come off funny?

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I get asked all the time, how can I be confident around people without appearing arrogant?

Confidence comes from within yourself, being sure of your beliefs and values as well as knowing that you can handle whatever life (and it's current situations) throw at you.  Confidence also assumes a level of empathy toward other people, without empathy (understanding things from another person's perspective) it is impossible to be confident.

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If you really think about it, most of us are constantly chasing after recognition, acceptance, prestige from someone we deeply care about or respect.

Do you find that you are often seeking the approval your parents, your boss, a good friend or boyfriend/girlfriend?

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refuse to quitHave you ever pushed yourself to stick with something, to try a little harder – even when every ounce of your brain was screaming "Enough Already!"

Every day we are faced with tough decisions, do we continue or do we give in and quit?

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start conversationIf you find it tough to know what to say to someone you really want to talk with, then you'll be happy to know that most of us started off rather socially awkward and were able to improve – so can you.

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The "Real" You

Here's a question I have been asking myself many times in the last few days…

"How can I overcome fear, frustration, doubt and poor self image so that my true passion, excitement, energy and capability is allowed to shine through?"

In other words, I am trying to get out of my own way!

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