Are you going through a point in your life where things just aren't clear to you?

You've reached a point where the path forward is just not apparent…you may have things you want or a picture in your mind of where you wished you could be, but what you should do next to get there is hidden by the fog.

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stuck-in-lifeWhy is it that we are born with a nearly limitless view of what is possible without judging our ability to be a part of that greatness, but that today we are a LONG way from that original assumption in our lives?

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Have you ever experienced being in the presence of someone who's certainty, commitment and confidence is so powerful you instantly come under the spell of that person?

It could be a musician that delivers the first few notes of a song so convincingly that you get goosebumps up and down your body or a top industry expert that seems so comfortable and certain about their views that you find yourself nodding in agreement within minutes of sitting down to listen to them.

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