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Many people assume that being extremely busy, over-worked, not having enough relaxation time lead to stress when the reality is actually true.

When I work with people to understand and manage the stress in their lives, the most common underlying reasons for negative stress are:

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Quite common for overwhelm and anxiety to manifest itself in different ways – for some people it can mean withdrawing from those around us, others turn to drugs and alcohol, still others overeat — watch what happens to this anchorman who experiences an anxiety attack on air – and how he found meditation to be his saving grace…

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Worry, stress and anxiety are an epidemic in today's society.

Never have the levels of stress and worry been so high or wide ranging.

We have a chronically challenging economic situation, health crisis that are broadcast 24-hours a day 7-days a week, a rapidly changing job environment, more stress on our kids and teens, a global competitive situation that creates massive change, world politics and crisis at seemingly uncontrollable levels…just to name a few.

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It happens to us all, we get hit with bad news, urgent deadlines, too many requests for our time and energy, everyone wants a piece of us to the point where we become overwhelmed in life.

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Do you ever get the sense that we are sitting on the tipping point…our society, economy and personal psychology all seem to be charging toward a giant waterfall and sometimes it all feels overwhelming.

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