Can You Improve Your "Luck"?


Can you control the amount of "luck" in your life?

Or, is it your belief that you were born either lucky or unlucky and there is very little you can do to change your fate?

We all know these types of people, for them, nothing ever seems to go wrong.  They get all kinds of opportunties in their career.  They have a loving, intimate and fulfilling relationship with their spouse and family.  They take risks and always seem to come out on top. 

And…NO, you can't just write it off to "the fact that it only looks that way" because beyond perception, they really do have more luck in their lives.


And…MORE important, what does that mean for you?

The POWER of Forward Motion!

Remember back in school you were taught concepts such as force of motion and inertia?  It was that fuzzy, yet real factor that caused objects in motion to stay in motion and in fact, increase their speed and velocity.

How doest that relate to luck in your life?

If you are involved, taking action, talking to people, really participating in society then opportunities will open up for you AND you will recognize them when they do.

If you are NOT involved, only thinking or wishing instead of acting, avoiding communication with other people, afraid to do anything but dream…then not only will you have fewer opportunities to be "lucky", but chances are you will not recognize or act on the opportunity when it comes along anyway.

In our latest course "Beyond Greatness" we talk about a 5-Step System for overcoming the most common limiting factors in our lives to create motion and get to inertia where you can attract positive outcomes and certainly present yourself with more lucky opportunities in your life.

It's like the best players in sport (take hockey, soccer, football or basketball as examples) – they are people totally INTO the game, taking action always – their feet are always moving while others are standing still and miss out on golden opportunities.

So YES, you can improve your luck, it has to do with opening the door to more opportunities for lucky situations in your life AND being aware of them when they do come up.

There is something to be said for inertia, momentum and forward motion and its ability to create LUCK.


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