Building Self Confidence Gives You Freedom


It's that time of year again when students head back to school, anxiety levels are extremely high, suddenly the pressure to conform and be accepted is immense and the true levels of self confidence come through loud and clear.

Precisely for these uncomfortable times in our lives do we need to focus on building self confidence and self esteem.

Let's face it, when we are pressured to conform, we do things that we don't believe in…

1. We treat people differently because we feel it will help us "fit in" rather than in alignment with our own personal values and beliefs

2. We behave (either better or worse) in ways that differ from how we would act had we been consistent with our internal values

3. We become frustrated because we can't actually act or react like we know we should

4. We dress differently than we really want to dress

5. Our emotional and physical health suffers as we continually compromise our mind in favor of trying to be accepted

The worst part of all this is that people will sense your level of authenticity, if you are not acting in alignment with your core principles and beliefs then you will come across as fake, distant, unkind, or unlikeable.

By building self confidence, addressing low self esteem we gain the ability to be comfortable within ourselves which gives us a power that works with the universe (instead of against it) operating at a higher level that will attract greatness and great people toward us.

In fact, the stories, techniques and strategies discussed in Attracting Greatness all begin with a strong sense of self worth supported by proven methods of building self confidence.  The benefits include massive improvements in health, financial situation, relationships and personal happiness.

Yes, there will be uncomfortable times.  There will be times when you must stand alone…but as long as you are in alignment with your own core values and principles, that's ok – you will draw more Greatness to you shortly.

First, we must understand what our core principles are.

What is it that drives us?  What kind of relationships do we want?  What sort of experiences do we want to have? How can we improve those around us to the greater advantage?  What kind of fun and excitement do we want to have?  How can we help others AND enjoy what we are doing at the same time?

Second, we must review those core values and principles each and every day.  Spend 5-10 minutes each morning reviewing those principles so that we are mindful of them each day – keeping us aligned with the confidence and self esteem principles that will help us harness the universe.

Third, let your positive experiences fuel your growth and help your quest toward building self confidence even more.  When you weather a rough time and then overcome the challenge, you will gain strength, influence and likability – and you will do it on YOUR terms.

Let those experiences of beating the challenges power you to even greater heights of self confidence.

Having the strength to be yourself, do good work, treat people with great wonder and kindness and achieve extraordinary things is perhaps the most fulfilling thing we can do in life.

It all starts with building self confidence.

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