Building Self Confidence: 5-Step System


building self confidence

Could it really be that building self confidence improves your overall level of health, energy and even allows you to attract more of what you want, and less of what you don't, into your life?

In 'Beyond Greatness' – the manual for Getting Unstuck, the immense roll self confidence plays to our business, health and life success is presented in-depth.  It becomes one of the 5 major pillars you need to turn your life around and experience unbelievable harmony and success in your life. 

Think about the last time you were really looking forward to a situation in your life, where you embraced the situation with eagerness – even excitement and you felt incredible about the entire event? 

Perhaps it was a meeting with your boss, a job interview, a hot date, an afternoon spent with your kids, or a day you stayed at home in bed. 

Do you remember how you felt?  How fast did the time seem to go?  What does it feel like, even now, thinking back on that time?  Do you think regretfully or do you try and figure out how to experience it again?

Building self confidence is relative – some of us exist at 80% self confidence, but that 20% may impact very important parts of our lives such as our business, financial security or relationships. 

Others start from a lower level of self confidence, which simply means there is even more benefit to improving. 

3 Ways To Tell If You Are Self Confident

Self confidence is not a permanent thing.  We may be completely confident with a best friend or our spouse, but when it comes to raising our kids we may lack confidence.  How about speaking in public, some people, through building self confidence, have become quite comfortable, but most of us are not.

If we are not confident in all circumstances, and we know other people can tell, how can we tell ourselves so we can work on the problem?

1. Do You Talk More Than You Listen?  A surefire sign that you are not self confident is when you feel the need to talk rather than listen.  Listening means you must open yourself up to the situation, to some extent leave yourself vulnerable to hearing the opinions and judgements of others.  Try being aware of your own behaviors when you get nervous, notice how you are afraid of silence or what others will say so you try and fill in with your own chatter.  This one is easy to catch.  Respond by building your self confidence targeting these specific situations. 

2. Letting People Walk All Over You.  The inability to be assertive (not aggressive) and clearly, calmly and objectively communicate to people your feelings, desires and requirements is a surefire sign that you have low self confidence.  Building self confidence should incorporate some training on how to be assertive, even when you are not comfortable.  So much stress in people's lives today is self-inflicted, they lack self confidence, cannot express themselves appropriately and therefore end up in situations they would otherwise have avoided. 

3. Body Language:  Take note of your body language throughout the day, how do you stand – arms to your side or crossed in front of you, rigid or relaxed?  By taking queues from your own body language you can quickly identify situations where building self confidence will gain you the most advantage. 

Now we're on the right track, using the techniques listed above we can identify those situations, times, events and people that shatter our self confidence so we can work on building our self confidence in context of our daily lives. 

5 Ways To Improve Your Self Confidence

Take these 5 techniques for building self confidence and apply them to the areas you know need work and watch your business and personal life soar.

1. Learn to Listen To Yourself:  Weak self-confidence ultimately comes from a lack of awareness of what we think, believe, or feel about a situation.  When we don't know what we want we leave ourselves open to external opinion entirely, never learning to listen or trust ourselves.  This makes us dependent on others which progressively reduces our self confidence.  Building self confidence starts with becoming more aware of ourselves. 

In 'Beyond Greatness' we provide specific meditation, yoga and introspective exercises that have proven to enhance our self awareness.  From these exercises comes an unbelievable trust, peace of mind and trust of self that manifests itself as improved self confidence.  How about that, by spending a few minutes each day working on ourselves we can automatically build self confidence. 

self confidence tips

2. Learn To Trust Yourself:  So, you are now listening to your inner voice and know what you believe and feel – but do you trust what you hear?  When you enter a situation that makes you apprehensive, do you trust that you can deal with the situation?  Many of us do not.  To some extent, life experience improves this for most of us – we become more confident as we go through more in our lives.  We must know that we are strong, much stronger than we give ourselves credit for.  Through affirmations and visualizations we can place ourselves into situations that previously resulted in low self confidence as a method of building self confidence. 

3. Consult Others But You Are In Control:  It's ok to listen to others, and even be influenced by others but be sure to always pull the decision back into your realm.  You are in control of your life and nobody has the same level of understanding, awareness and reason to alter your behavior as you do.  This one's a little easier to fix – be sure to maintain control in situations you may previously have surrendered control, a terrific way of building self confidence.

4. Embrace Mistakes:  Life is uncertain, business is even more uncertain – know that you will make mistakes as everyone does.  Trust that mistakes are actually a friend toward building self confidence.  Why?  We learn more from mistakes than we do from successes in life.  So, the faster you can make progress in your life and make the mistkes that must be made along the way, the quicker you will achieve the level of success you desire.  Trying to avoid mistakes, dwell on them or try and explain them is wasted time – instead embrace them, deal with them in the moment, learn from them and carry on.  Now that's building self confidence.

5. Think Big:  No doubt you have heard the concept that if you shoot for the stars you may hit the moon, but if you shoot for the moon you may get lost in space.  The bigger you think, the less importance each setback, mistake, decision or situation has in your life.  By thinking big, building self confidence is an automatic advantage. 

Self confidence is the root of most happiness, achievement and health and for that reason, we would do well to work diligently on building self confidence.  Fortunately, self confidence can be learned and not something we must be born with, so the sooner we get to work on applying the 5-step system, the quicker we will see results.  One, two, three – Go!


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