Breaking Out Of Your Rut


Why is that you can know that you want to change, realize that things are not where you want them to be in your life and even have massive desire to WANT to get out of a rut you have been stuck in, but you can't seem to take that first step!

Is there anything more frustrating that knowing you are heading 100 Mph into an oncoming train, but you can't find the break and can't get out of the way?

That's what it's like for us when we hit one of those points in life where we live out the same scene in a movie over and over again without being able to reset the scene.

But to realize your potential, escape pain, feed your human need to learn and experience new things and boost your self-confidence as well as your impact on those around you…you MUST find a way to break out of a rut through changing your life.

Here's a terrific 5-minute video from Tony Robbins taken from a Lifeclass he taught on the Oprah OWN network recently.

He highlights 3 main catalysts to invoke change…

1. Your strategies – knowing HOW to accomplish your dreams and goals

2. Knowing and being able to change your story – this hits the core of why you are stuck today and how to break out of being stuck, re-framing your life

3. Change your state…breaking out of your comfort zone as we all get too comfortable with states that no longer give us the edge we need to be truly happy and productive

Watch the video here, love to hear your comments…to me this is pretty powerful stuff when you know where you would rather be in your life, but can't seem to start the journey toward getting there:


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