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I thought I was the only one having trouble staying focused, concentrating, staying energized, getting good restful sleep and generally, living at 80-90% of my max potential most of the time.

Now that I look back, it was happening for years.

Just like your windows get dirty gradually and you may not notice it until you can't even see out of them, there is a nasty condition that creates brain fog, lack of attention, low energy, sleep problems and in some cases, more physical symptoms including numbness, joint pain, malfunctioning immune system, headaches…

It comes down to one word – Toxicity!

When we eat something that doesn't agree with us or contains a bacteria, we get deathly ill for a few days – those feelings are due to a high rate of toxicity as your body fights the bug that is spewing out toxic chemicals into your body.

That's a more obvious case, but there are also factors that can lead to a slower, more gradual – but no less harmful – toxicity build-up in your body including environmental pollution, yeast overgrowth (often brought on by use of antibiotics or an otherwise compromised system where yeast is allowed to overgrow), parasites (yes even in ourĀ  country parasites flourish).

In fact, more than half of us are walking around in a high state of toxicity right now.

No wonder we can't focus, sleep, function properly, use our brain to its full capacity and can't seem to fight off the slightest common cold or allergy reaction…

Take a quick read of Tony Brunelle's latest blog post – Lack of Focus – over at Awakening Potentials, I credit him with helping our family remain as toxin free as possible – and boy, can I vouch for the fact this makes a HUGE difference in your life.

Once you clean your system and deal with any underlying conditions that lead to toxic build-up, you can:

  • Be as clear-minded and focused as you have ever been in your life
  • Kiss many digestive, headache and immune systems challenges good-bye
  • Sleep like you have never slept before
  • Have so much energy to use in your busy life
  • Handle stress so much easier without it impacting your day
  • Project the person you really are…and know you can be

If you think you have brain fog, have trouble focusing, feel tired all the time, have various undiagnosed symptoms such as indigestion, headaches, joint pain, numbness, onset of allergies you have never had before and so on…then I suggest you do 2 important things:

1. Get a copy of Attracting Greatness – this is a 5-step system for clearing our bodies of toxicity as well as empowering us with the tools we already have to achieve the great things we want in our lives

2. Visit Awakening Potentials, get to know Tony and Marcel Brunelle – they are amazing people with decades of knowledge around keeping you healthy, happy and on FIRE !

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