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how to stay motivated

I was asked by one of my SNAP: Get Unstuck Course members how I stay motivated each day.

People who know me understand that I typically get up before 6AM, exercise daily, work somewhere between 12-16 hours a day and still find time to fit many other activities into my day.

You don't do that consistently without being very motivated.  

People understand that staying motivated daily is important and know that part of that objective involves visualization of your end objectives.

The question was how to best use visualization in order to stay consistently motivated at a very high level.

I am a big believer in using visualization daily to keep motivated.

Just like we need food, water and air to keep us alive and we need to exercise daily to stay healthy physically, we also need to program our minds daily to stay motivated and focused on this journey of life.

To get maximum impact out of visualization, I suggest you include multiple sensory methods to get the full impact of the visualization.

Here are 3 we use daily:

  1. Written: My own written description of my desired life — lots of sensory words, a couple of paragraphs – I read that each morning when I wake up and each night before bed
  2. Pictures: I have printed out that represent the main objectives in my life (where I want to live, people I want to be with more often, mentors, family, home office, where to travel and live…)
  3. Youtube videos: – I have key people I follow that motivate me, books I read (biographies) and articles from magazines that inspire me and I listen to podcasts (mainly when I work out or travel)

For me, having the written, audio and video aspects really help me stay motivated but also learn new things (for me learning and staying motivated are very closely aligned)

Having a disciplined schedule of reviewing these 3 main methods of visualization you can ensure you stay motivated each day – just as you would exercise your body for 45-minutes each day, here you exercise your

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