Being More Confident Around A Girl


Guys, if you are struggling to win the attention of a girl you really want to get to know better and for her to be attracted to you, then consider the power of being more natural and less controlled.

The typical issue is that most guys feel they are not interesting enough, not fun enough, are boring as hell when they are around a girl they really want to like them.

Why You Struggle With Confidence Around Hot Girls

Suddenly you lose confidence, overthink the situation, don't want to mess up and say something stupid, but can't seem to think of anything to keep the conversation flowing – does that sound like you?

This is completely natural since we suddenly turn a casual meeting into a "life-or-death" scenario where we elevate that girl so high on a pedestal that we are hopelessly inept at carrying on a conversation.

Like anything else in life though, by changing our beliefs around the interaction between us and the girls we fall for, we can completely alter how we think and feel, in doing so, become much better at acting natural and being more interesting when it matters most.

Have you ever had this experience in life…when you try REALLY hard to get something, it actually seems more difficult to get?

In that same way, when you try too hard to go after something usually that has the effect of pushing it away.

After all, nobody wants to the pressure or tension associated with having to TRY too hard, especially when it comes to casual friendships or even when things start to get serious between people.

The more effortless, natural and fun the better.  By trying too hard, trying to overthink things and script everything you are actually giving yourself LESS of a chance of winning her over.

Change Your Beliefs

So, the answer is that you want to re-program your thoughts around what will be most attractive to the girls you want to attract the most…instead of believing that a controlled, scripted and tightly planned approach is best, reframe this in your mind to realize that all of these characteristics are unnatural and actually put you at a HUGE disadvantage compared to being natural, at ease and letting things flow as you would with any close friend.

Think about it that way, change your beliefs that being controlled, scripted and planned is GOOD, instead work on your belief system that being natural, comfortable, and at ease is BEST.

To reach this point, is worth resetting your brain to understand that it takes two people in order to experience a terrific relationship – as much as you may covet this girl, she may not be right for you and things will most certainly not work out if that is the case.

By being yourself you give yourself the best chance at being attractive to this girl, if it doesn't happen then know it would not have worked out anyway even if you had found some way of controlling the situation and manipulating for short-term success

Changing your beliefs will suddenly impact your thinking and over time, you will become more comfortable, more natural and more of yourself in front of even the most desired girls

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