Becoming A More Social Person


Have you hit a point in your life when you would like to be better socially but end up avoiding people ending up watching TV, using technology or just sitting by yourself when you know you should be out with friends, working or having more fun?

This is a very common feeling people have at different point in their life…many people either blame their friends or simply dismiss themselves as shy, quiet or just an introvert and go on living in an isolated funk.

Trouble is…when being alone becomes a negative.

When you feel that your isolation is forced and that you would really rather have more friends but can't seem to crack the code of being good in socializing with other people.

Overcome Isolation, Become More Social

In many cases withdrawing from social situations comes from your own internal feelings of yourself.

What I mean by that is if you are critical of your social skills, riddled with fear or anxiety when you are around other people then the pain you associate with being "social" causes you to migrate toward being by yourself – technology is a good way out in those cases.

Think about it…if you sit there day-in and day-out criticizing your ability in front of other people, beating yourself up for not saying the right things, for being too quiet…would you expect to feel positive about going out with friends?

Something has to change doesn't it?

Improving your desire and ability to be more social starts with doing some basic, simple work on yourself.  Simply put, you want to reverse the negative self-talk and beliefs of your social abilities replacing those with a new confidence, fundamental thoughts of your capabilities and behaviors socially that will change your thought patterns to more positive and favorable.

As you progress, you will notice a new positive outlook when it comes to socialization, lack of confidence replaced by natural self-confidence, new behaviors that amaze even yourself and more people being attracted to you (because they want to spend time with someone who has a positive image of themselves)

4 Steps You Can Take Right Now To Improve Your Social Confidence

  1. Become aware of the negative self-talk that leads you to be constantly self critical, this conversation likely is going on all day long inside of your head
  2. Consciously schedule positive conversations within your mind by using affirmations, visualizations of times when you have been confident and good socially, good feelings, etc…
  3. Imagine (create a clear picture in your mind) of what you would really like your social life to be like…then spend time each day living that moment (as if it was already happening)
  4. Meditation to control negative thoughts and fears

What you are really doing here is re-programming the negative thought patterns that have invaded your brain about your social behavior and replace those with healthy, positive and productive social thoughts – from those thoughts will automatically come improvements in behavior and the response you get from those around you.

Ready to improve your social confidence and your opportunities to be more social with friends…go ahead and give these steps a try for 3-4 weeks and let us know the results.

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