Beat Affective Seasonal Disorder


This is the time of year where all of us tend to get bogged down with the weather, lack of sunlight, higher stress levels and generally get stuck in a rut in our lives – for many, we call this affective seasonal disorder – otherwise known as seasonal affective disorder or SAD for short.

The symptoms of seasonal affective disorder range from general lethargy through increased nutritional deficiencies (a combined effect from lack of fresh fruit and vegetables as well as lack of vitamin D) right into more severe forms of depression – no laughing matter.

Can you overcome SAD and take your life back?

The good news is yes, you can.

Here are a few things you can try to get over the "blues" that come with this time of year.

1. Re-check your purpose. Have a purpose that gets you up everyday, something other than your job. It could be writing a book, planning a trip, learning a new skill, taking up a hobby, working on something with your kids, etc… Having a purpose gives your mind something else to focus on than the negative.

2. Take Vitamin D supplements – there is enough evidence that supplementing with Vitamin D (especially for those in the Northern half of the country) is important.  I like the liquid Vitamin D supplements, for less than $20 I can get enough to last me an entire year.

3. Exercise – it doesn't have to be anything crazy – even a regular 30-minute walk will get your circulation moving, build some extra adrenaline and help mentally as well as physically.  At first, you need to force yourself through belief that this will work, but once you get going you will get addicted to the daily outing.  If you have a treadmill, bring some music or watch TV as a diversion – but get your 30-minutes in.  Oh, and if you are worried that you are already short on sleep, getting up 30-minutes earlier in the morning to exercise will actually make you feel MORE rested within a few days of starting.

4. Cleanse your body – by this time of year many of us are naturally quite toxic – we tend to be abandoning our good eating habits, vegetables and fruit becomes tougher to find and our bodies get overrun with sugars, yeasts, parasites and other nasties.

5. Drink more water – in the summer we get thirsty more often and so drink more water, but we must also keep that up in the winter to keep our body hydrated.   Many of the headaches people get today are simply due to de-hydration.  By keeping hydrated you will immediately reduce many of those aches and pains

You really can control – and eliminate – the impact of affective seasonal disorder by following a simple, non-disruptive regime.

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