Be Yourself


You can spot them a mile away, people who are acting outside of their own belief system, personality and skills "faking" as they desperately clutch to the last limb in life fearing the fall will be too painful.

But it's not just THEM is it?

We all fall into the trap of being directed by what others think, say, do or want us to be.

Yet it's rarely the path to success or happiness is it?

No wonder most of us live in a perpetual state of low energy, procrastination, anxiety and sub-optimal health…it really makes sense doesn't it?

Really, it's no wonder either as we start out being "taught" and "influenced" by our parents, molded and scolded  by teachers and coaches, directed by the pressures of friends and piers as we learn the social ropes and then pushed into jobs and careers that we really don't like or don't fit our personality of skills.

Along the way nobody tells us to be yourself do they?

What if teachers rewarded students for being themselves as much as directing every aspect of their work and behavior?

What if they gave students a task and let them determine the best way to realize the result?  Or better yet, have them dictate their own result and go produce the goods?

Believe me, we have done this with some of our clients and workers and the motivation level, satisfaction and results are stunning.

So, up until now you get a mulligan because you didn't know any better.

Starting now, you do — so start right now by:

  1. Getting to know YOU
  2. Understand what your beliefs and desires really are
  3. Figure out what you are good at (big clue to your beliefs)
  4. Suspend disbelief in what you can achieve…first you must believe before you achieve
  5. Now, remind yourself everyday that you need to be yourself…that everyone around you and YOU will be better off for it
  6. Go after your newly found passions with everything you have and watch your life change in incredible ways

Are you ready to be yourself?


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