Assume You Were Made For Greatness


stuck-in-lifeWhy is it that we are born with a nearly limitless view of what is possible without judging our ability to be a part of that greatness, but that today we are a LONG way from that original assumption in our lives?

Starting very early one we begin to place one limit after another on ourselves until we have created this tiny box into which we deem is our place in the universe.

This concept of you creating the space in which you live your life is a fundamental one to realizing change in life.

A Tiny Box Within A Giant Universe Of Opportunity

It's not like we spend each day consciously doing this, but think about it…each time we refuse to try something new, think of something as being impossible or out of our reach or allowing fear to triumph over love we have created a smaller box within which governs our daily thinking and living

Often we don't even notice this until we see someone around us who has a different attitude, achieved something incredible in their life where we feel left behind and then suddenly it hits us…WHY THE HELL DID I ASSUME that was impossible?

To make a shift in your life RIGHT now, go back and do a "reset" on your thought patterns.

Start today by building your belief in the assumption that you were made for Greatness.

That each of us is born with the same ability to do incredibly, amazing things in life and that your main role in the world is to find out how to NOT block that Greatness and in fact, to nurture it.

Turn the tables on your typical thought patterns placing more pain on "avoidance" and "fearing a negative result" than on not trying and not allowing your Greatness to shine through.

Each time you get that "queasy" feeling of doubt, fear, anxiousness – think of that as the bars on the wall of a tiny prison in which you have confined yourself…don't you want to break free?

When I talk with people who have achieved extraordinary things in their lives they all say the same thing – greatness was already in them, all they had to do was fight off the natural inclination to be afraid, to hide what they already knew was great and to soldier on despite the potential to be anxious, fearful, embarrassed or rejected

Try it, start right now by building visualizations, affirmations and belief (the belief part is CRITICAL to this working) so that over the next few days you focus your mind with absolute certainty that you were made for Greatness and each minute of each day you choose to allow that Greatness to shine through rather than finding ways to block it

You game?

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