Are You Toxic? Natural Detox Through Diet


Having a positive attitude, being enthusiastic, setting goals and working on your motivation can have a major impact on your life, but for many people all of this is not enough.

Even though you tune-up your mind, you still can't quite find the energy, your health isn't up to par, you feel exhausted and can't keep your emotions in check…we deal with all of this in Attract Greatness where we outline a success formula for happiness, health and well being that goes beyond just the mind to combine mind and body techniques.

One of the major issues each of us has in today's society is toxicity.

There are so many pressures on the balance of our highly refined body chemistry – for example:

  • Diet:  nitrates, sugars, carbohydrates, mercury all make up a good portion of our diets
  • Parasites:  our foods and environment has many digestive parasites that unbalanced bodies can't fight
  • Chemicals:  in the air, furniture, carpets all enhanced in impact by the fact that we have closed-in, energy efficient homes where the poisons do not escape our house

Once your body is elevated in toxicity – the impact on your health falls into a death spiral — where toxicity builds, impacts your ability to digest and filter toxins (liver, kidneys) , impacts your ability to absorb vitamins and the goodness from foods which lower immune functionality until soon you are not able to fight the weakest of cold viruses.

Seriously – we tell the complete story of a 20-year old who's life nearly fell apart due to toxicity, and how after a year of suffering with various symptoms of being toxic, how this was turned around within weeks – read it in Attract Greatness.

One of the things you can do to help your body fight the toxins all around you is include in your everyday diet some of these foods which help your body to detoxify:

  • Lemons:  One of the great foods that help give your liver a "pick-me-up" so it continues to filter impurities out of your body
  • Cabbage:  Another great liver enhancer helps to naturally detoxify your body
  • Garlic:  Garlic packs a double whammy – it helps to naturalize the parasite, yeast and bacteria fighting capabilities of your gut while also enhancing your liver's ability to detox
  • Cayenne Pepper:  I like to start each day with a warm water, tablespoon of squeezed lemon juice and few shakes of cayenne pepper which helps to stimulate the liver's natural detox capabilities
  • Reduce sugar and increase fresh vegetables:  The toxins in your body feast on sugar in your gut while natural vegetables offer an unfriendly environment to nasties including yeasts, parasites and bacteria keeping your gut in balance

Improving your energy, happiness, emotional state, productivity, health and overall outlook on life depend on lowering the amount of toxicity in our bodies – the good news is that you can accomplish a good deal of detox by slightly altering your diet making the more painful rapid detoxification less of an issue.

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