Are You Scared To Be By Yourself?


This may be one of the tougher blog posts for you to read…definitely for many who have worked through our Life Improvement Road Map – Attracting Greatness, this topic of constantly being in relationship and social conflict is a very common one.

It typically starts with a current relationship…either a parent-child, girlfriend-boyfriend (or significant other), married couple or conflict between best-friends where there has been betrayal or rejection in one form or another that ends up impacting our entire lives for the worse.

Often at this tough time we reflect back and see other rejection or betrayal and begin to wonder, what is wrong with me!

"Why does everyone I get close to treat me like crap?"

At the same time, there is an even bigger elephant in the room…one that people are DEEPLY affected by, but rarely talk about or even allow themselves to consciously think of.

What happens if I must be alone?

All alone, with nobody to love me, nobody to talk to, nobody to help me get through the day, nobody on my side?

Can you handle that?

It is exactly this underlying, deeply disturbing fear that leads people right back into co-dependent relationships, even abusive relationships – after all, in their mind it is better than being alone.


I've experienced this in my own life many, many years ago…until you are completely comfortable in your own skin, knowing you can take on the world (no matter what it throws at you) on your own will you have the inner self-confidence, the sense of inner power that will allow you attract healthy relationships toward you instead of seeking unhealthy relationships to help feed your inner fear, anxiety and torment.

Make sense?

Leave us a comment and let us know if this makes sense for you…how working on your own self-confidence in life will help you to form better, more fulfilling personal and social relationships.

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