Are You REALLY Ready To Change Your Life?


One of the questions that gets asked the most around why such a small percentage of people who consume/read/hear/learn about personal improvement actually apply it in such a way to really see a big change in their lives.

Why is that 100 people can attend a Tony Robbins seminar then 1-year later 95 of them are in the exact same place (or an even worse one)…

…while 5 others have taken incredible strides to improve their lives – perhaps even experienced a life saving change to eliminate destructive behavior in favor of high achievement in other areas?

Now, having worked in this field for many, many years I'm the last one that will try to tell you that any answer to ANY question around self improvement is black or white, but what I can tell you is the BIG factors that make the most difference when it comes to achieving a change in your life versus just dreaming about one.

Breakthrough Change Will Not Happen Until The Pain & Suffering You Seek To Change Is So Massive That You Have Little Choice But To Put Something New Into Practice

What this really means is that the 95 people out of 100 that consumed personal improvement tips, techniques, strategies and motivation fell back into their old ways because they were not at a point in their mind where they HAD to risk their old ways in favor of something new.

To people looking at someone's life from the outside in, the risk in leaving a relationship that is abusive, a job that is killing you with stress, a lifestyle that is leaving you with a mountain of debt, or a situation where you are hurting your health so bad that you cannot continue to live this way – these seem obvious to outsiders…

…yet to someone who is living that life they have accepted, embraced and justified this lifestyle for so many years that the reinforcement is often stronger than the risk associated with leaving that life and building something bigger.

You Control Your Breaking Point

What I'm trying to say is that what looks obvious to someone else about how you must change your ways is less clear to you UNTIL you hit a breaking point.

In order to bring about faster change in your life you must address this Pain versus Gain principle where you consciously reinforce the pain so that you can tip the scales in favor of taking action toward change that much sooner.

Instead of putting 99% of your energy into thinking about the FEAR associated with change, instead focus on the FEAR associated with staying the same.

That's what worked for me.

Over the course of 1-year back in my early twenties I consciously tore down my mind's defenses around the destructive aspects of my lifestyle while simultaneously feeding my mind positive aspects about change and eventually tipped the scales in the favor of transformation.

The great part about this is that:

  • You control 100% of this process – you can implement this in your life starting today and keep it going until you experience fundamental change in mindset and then actions and then results
  • Nobody or nothing can stop you – it is YOUR journey and you are in charge
  • You avoid having to wait for a major life crisis (which in fact is when most people wait to make fundamental change – ask them if they would have rather changed BEFORE they lost their relationship, their health or their entire possessions and they would say "Hell Ya")
  • You break down all potential inner resistance holding you back – potentially for years
  • Once you start the ball rolling, you have mastered (your entire life long journey) the skill of overcoming fear and resistance and empowering yourself to do what you have desired all along

So, are you REALLY ready to change your life, or have you simply taken the first step by having the desire to change?

If change is not happening then help it along by breaking down your thoughts and beliefs around what is holding you in the place you are today versus what fears you have created around taking the leaps or risks to change tomorrow.

While it make take some time, you will notice a change in your thinking nearly immediately and know that you are on the right track.  Once you get started, there is no turning back and you will realize that tomorrow looks a whole lot better than yesterday.

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