Are You REALLY Living and Loving Life Each Day?


Wow, tough question to answer isn't it?

Do we have times in our week where we have fun, where we really enjoy ourselves?  The likely answer is yes, but how MUCH time each week can we really say are those times?  Are we completely in tune with our purpose in life…those we love and have chosen to be around us…for at least a time in each day we "rent" our time here on earth? 

It's so easy to get lost each day, to get up in the morning and follow the same routine, have the same negative feelings, cover up our feelings with our defenses, avoid taking any risks and wait for that next paycheck to come our way…after all…that's our deal right, we trade our happiness and freedom for our weekly paycheck?

Think about it…who are we jipping or short-changing each day we live?  Our spouse, our kids, our family, our friends, those less well off than ourselves and ESPECIALLY – ourselves? 

It's so unfortunate that we must be SHOCKED into realizing what is really important in our lives by something tragic happening…the death of a spouse or close family member, our own health issues, a major change in our financial status, a catastrophic world event…even then many of us don't change our ways. 

The main reason we just HAD to document the system now contained in "Beyond Greatness" is to break free of negativity, that rut that so many of us find ourselves jammed into in our lives, where we can barely get out of bed each day and where nothing seems fun anymore.  Fortunately, there is a way out of the RUT where suddenly you can hear the birds sing, smell the flowers nectar, hear the children laughing and notice the smiles on people's faces again…it can happen for you to.

Listen carefully to this terrific video from my good friend Tony Blake who runs various online forums – as he reads a letter from one of his friends about what is REALLY important in life.  About 4-minutes into the video Tony reads his "Letter from Sam" – something EVERYONE should listen to again and again.  Please do listen, your life may certainly be changed forever after listening:



How did this video impact you?

Leave us a comment on how you could relate to the words Tony read…what stands in the way of you living each day living and loving life?

Live Beyond Greatness Today!


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