Are You Lost In Life? Here's What To Do…


Are you at a point in your life where you feel lost in life?

You are confused, frustrated, bored or even hopeless about the direction of your life, and perhaps worst of all, feeling lack of control?

As negative as this may feel to you right now, know that feeling lost in life without the control to change your situation is a very unhealthy state.

One of the most common emotional red flags leading people to make poor short-term decisions in their lives is feeling a powerlessness or lack of control in life…to the point of either wanting to escape or become desperate about changing the situation sometimes leading to poor life decisions.

When I went through several physical health challenges in my 20's much of the physiological problems were eventually traced back to an overall belief and feeling of powerlessness.  I felt I was stuck in a particular job, income bracket, set of friends, and lifestyle that did not line up in any way with what I really wanted.

If you can relate and are feeling lost in life right now, here are 3 powerful tips that can help you regain control and change the direction of your life quickly and dramatically.

1. Take Back Control

When you have overwhelming feelings of being lost in life, these feelings are typically rooted in a helplessness to change.  The minute we are able to change that feeling of powerlessness and truly believe we can take back control over our thoughts, behaviors and impact on the world around us we suddenly don't feel so lost anymore.  Being lost in life is really a way of describing the hopeless sense that you are simply existing/floating along or living up to someone else's standards missing your own internal guidance along the way.

What you want to do instantly is look back to times in your life when you were in control.  When you felt great about your life because you were able to direct your life in a meaningful way (this can be the smallest of situations…perhaps a time when you made a decision about standing up for someone you love, about your education, about your job or really about anything at all…but the key piece is that you made the decision and it turned out well for you).  By recalling these times you will be re-programming your mind to see that you DO have control over your life and that you are not LOST, but simply need to do a reset and set out on a new and exciting journey.

When you focus on having control you will find your mind suddenly taking back control returning hope, power and positive energy to your life

2. Purpose And Passion

What excites you?

Even if you feel today that nothing seems to excite you anymore…even if you are in the depths of negative despair…you do still have passions deep within you.

It could be music, writing, being around fun people, helping people, teaching, giving advice, working with animals, a craft or hobby…think back to those times when you were young, what is it that you could spend hours doing for pure fun.  Activities when time flew by without you knowing?

Many of us bury our passions putting them off in favor of seemingly more urgent and practical behavior…paying the bills, surviving, helping someone else at the expense of our own happiness, etc…

The challenge is that we are meant to live in tune with our passions and purpose, that is when we are most happy, have the most energy, live up to our responsibilities to share with the world our true power.   We constantly underestimate our ability to make a difference, make a living, and to be happy when we live in alignment with our passions and purpose.  Inside "Get Unstuck In Life" considerable time is spent uncovering (or rather recovering) your lifelong passions and purpose so you can live a happy, productive and joyous life from this day forward.

3. It's The Journey, Not The Destination In Life

So many of us have a vague idea of what we think we want in life, but are really bad at figuring out the best way to get it.

In other words, we may want to be financially secure, to be known or famous in our field…but then we look at what is the fastest, most proven way to get there WITHOUT considering which path is best for us.

This is why methods, systems or a particular life path may work for someone else, but when you try it you don't seem to get the same results.

How do we overcome this issue of not taking the right path in order to overcome being lost in life?

By focusing on the journey more than the destination.

When you change your focus from the ultimate achievement to aligning the journey with your values, beliefs and desires…you not only make your journey in life (the vast majority of the state in which we live our life) much more enjoyable and within your control…but you also indirectly improve the chances of success in life.

Getting the most out of life's journey from where you are today to where you want to be tomorrow allows you to put all of your energy into living, enjoying life and every aspect of the journey, being aligned with others like you who are enjoying their journey, and suddenly time, energy, effort, motivation all become natural – you don't have to try so hard to live a happy and successful life.

Take back control, rekindle your passion and make sure you focus on the journey as much as you focus on your ultimate life goals…this is a powerful formula for you when you are feeling lost in life.

Have a question or comment – let us hear from you.  To your success!

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