Are You Curious About Personal Development?


Are you someone who entirely buys into the idea of improving yourself, personal development as a means of empowering your life? 

Or, do you look at the entire concept of personal development with skepticism, wondering if anyone really knows what they are talking about or actually lives up to their advice?

Certainly, the field of personal development is open to criticism mainly because it is not really thought of as a profession – meaning there is little in terms of global standards or accountability for practitioners of personal development as may govern other professions such as law, medicine, accounting, and so on…

The results of personal development are also challenging to quantify or in some cases, even demonstrate which makes proof a tough proposition for anyone teaching in the personal development niche.

But…for those who have chosen to follow a path of personal development, in most cases they can attest to the fact that there have been incremental changes leading to significant improvements in their life, career or financial situation. 

Let me answer the question, in my case I certainly do accept, study and apply personal development principles to my life…there is no possible way we can know everything so why not look to others for tips and strategies…even if 1 course or book only gives us one tip, that can mean some huge differences in our lives.

For me…the most important concepts have been:

1. Early on, that how we control our response to a situation allows us to control the effect that situation has on us armed me with a terrific amount of control in any given goal/situation.

2. That how you act actually has an impact on everything around you — certainly on how people react to you.

3. Various elements of persuasion has allowed me to get my ideas and thoughts across when others have hit a brick wall.

4. Techniques that allow me to calm my mind and go deep into introspection even when everything around me is in chaos – meditation, yoga, etc…

What about you?

Do you accept that you can impact your life and that of others by improving yourself?  If so, what areas do you most focus on and why? 


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