Are You Busy But Unhappy?


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I Had an interesting conversation with a buddy of mine over a few drinks last night.

His frustration was that he was busier than ever…

Hitting it hard! 

Lots of to-do lists, getting up early, doing many of the "right" things…meditating, exercise, watching his diet, etc…

Still, he finished his day feeling like he still didn't accomplish enough, unhappy most of the time and realizing he still has a pretty big hole in terms of what he was able to accomplish in his life.

His real fear was that he was going to burn himself out…and that he didn't know why or how to get off the hamster wheel he found himself running on.

Busy But Doing What?

Have you ever had similar thoughts or concerns?

That you are putting everything you have into doing the right things and you are trying really hard…but you're still hitting a wall?

You may be surprised to know that you are actually in the majority – most people we hear from who read our blogs and eventually work through our SNAP System For Getting Unstuck In Your Life are in exactly the same place.

In fact, I can totally relate.

For years I was caught in the trap of "working harder will get you there" thinking

I eventually hit a point though where I thought to myself – "where is all of this effort and craziness leading me?"

Am I getting any closer to where I would ideally like to be at this point in my life – but obviously didn't find myself living?

At that point nearly 15-years ago, some BIG things changed in my life – here are the two most important realizations that can help you if you find yourself in a similar situation.

Two Ways To Turn Being Busy Into Being Happy 

Where Are You Going And Why

Make sure you have a BIG objective you are aiming for in life – what will you ideally be doing 10-years from now?

How do you see your ideal life?

What will you be doing and who will you be doing it with?

What value you will you be able to bring to society, how will be paid for that financially and who will you be spending time with (in your ideal life)


Now – work backward on a plan to get there. All of this allows you to prioritize the most important things to get done each day, week, month, year. When I did this, I started crossing things off of my to-do list and made damn sure I made progress toward my goals each week – suddenly I slept much better.

Practice Gratitude Regularly

Wake up and go to bed with gratitude each day.

No matter what the day has been like – have a list of 3-4 things you have amazing gratitude for in your life and read those over first thing in the morning and before bed at night until you feel them in your gut.

So many of us go to bed focused on what we did NOT accomplish today or what went wrong rather than the many things we DID accomplish and what went right.


When you experience gratitude on an emotional level, you cannot feel like shit – you can't feel down. End your day that way and start the next one. This made a huge difference in my life and it will make a difference in your life too.

Finally, if you are at a point in your life where you feel stuck in a rut, bored, unsure of where to turn next – at a crossroads where you want to take the right fork in the road and leave your past behind – go ahead and work through this program – SNAP – Get Unstuck In Your Life – it has completely changed the lives of many people who have never looked back.  Not only does it provide a roadmap for change, it offers actual mind hacks that get you there despite bad habits you are programmed with today and provides simple ways to instill new habits that will completely change your life forever.


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