Analysis Paralysis – Getting Things Done!

Think Too Much

Break Analysis Paralysis

Are you guilty of over-thinking things in your life? 

Do you analyze things to death and never seem to take action?

Do opportunities slip by as you talk yourself out of taking advantage of them? 

Has procrastination become your middle name?

Over-thinking is an extremely common problem today…and while I don't advocate jumping into major decisions before you have a plan, I also know that fear often manifests itself in falling back to analysis paralysis rather than taking a chance and moving forward with action. 

Much of my personal success and happiness over the last 8-years or so can directly be attributed to a fundamental shift in perspective.


Try changing your perspective along these lines…

Most people tihnk too much because they feel it is the best way to reduce their risk of failing or of not getting the result they desire.

But is that realistic?

Did you learn to walk by thinking about it or trying?

Will thinking make you a better parent?

Did you learn to ride a bike by thinking about or doing it?

Try telling yourself (over and over again) that the BEST way to learn how to do anything and actually get the result we are looking for is by DOING, getting feedback, making adjustments and doing again.

Use simple examples of past learning to reinforce this thinking – soon you will have a new perspective and over-thinking and will be a condition of the past and you can break out of procrastination on demand.

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