Affirmations Are NOT Necessary…Here's Why


I've had people ask – do I have to have affirmations?  My answer is NO…and here is the main reason why.

To help achieve a specific objective or state of being in your life you do need to go deeper than the conscious mind…that is true.

And yes, affirmations where you begin with "I am …" affirming a given state that you have achieved even though you are still working on it is one way that you can help to convince your sub-conscious mind that your quest is possible – even iminent, but it is only one way. 

So, affirmations do work, but there are other methods. 

It's funny, I never really focused on affirmations, but did write my objectives and had vivid images of having achieved my objectives – found that was extremely effective. 

One of my objectives was to travel to specific destinations, so I put up pictures of those destinations in my home office. 

Similarly, the goal of losing body fat was helped along by pictures of healthy people that looked like I wanted to look…each day I would study those pictures imaging myself already having achieved that state.

I even went to the extent of coming up with images from each of the five senses – assuming I had achieved the specific goals. 

Whatever your method, the idea is to convincingly put your mind in a place where you have already achieved your objectives…affirmations are one way to do it, but just using your imagination with vivid imagery is another. 

What is important is that you work your imagination in harmony with your objectives every day consistently. 

Do you have a special way you like to use to help visualize your goals?

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November 29, 2012

ANTOINETTE @ 1:53 am #

I like to do all the above and I also pray with a thankful heart I BELIEVE to receive.

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