Acidophilus & Probiotics Role In Peak Performance


Have you been feeling tired,  low energy, "fuzzy" (often known as brain fog), weak immune system (you catch any cold going), have sudden onset of allergies that you never had before, muscle aches that are often unexplained, chronic digestive problems such as acid reflux?

Chances are you are experiencing an imbalance between the bad and good bacteria in your body.

Attracting Greatness points to the fact that we can't hope to change our lives, improve our happiness and productivity in life when we feel like crap.

In other words, no amount of positive thinking, meditation, emotional introspection, assertiveness training or any other method will work to overcome challenges in your life if you are suffering an imbalance in your body.

I know this particularly well as my life story (in a very condensed format) goes something like this:

  • chronic colic as an infant
  • ongoing digestive challenges through childhood such as a "nervous stomach" and "indigestion/heartburn"
  • severe digestive issues in my early 20's
  • massive impact in my late 20's (unable to sleep, chronic muscle aches, allergic to most foods, depressed, scared and anxious) until I reached a point where I could not get off the couch for 2 weeks straight

All of this culminated in a year + of medical tests finding nothing when I went to an alternative practitioner who found a few interesting things:

  1. Huge overgrowth of candida (basically yeast overgrowth in the digestive track) – almost no good bacteria left
  2. Parasite infections (that would normally be naturally flushed through your body were thriving in my unhealthy gut)
  3. Chemical (arsenic poisoning mainly) from working retail in a building supply outlet through university
  4. Huge cravings for sugar and unhealthy food which would build more yeast, this would die off and give me constant bloating, headaches (like a hangover), build up of acid in my muscles leading to pain, etc…

You get the picture – just not a good scene at all.

As you can see, it wouldn't matter how "positive" or what type of personal improvement I would have taken on at this point, the fact was I was slowly dying inside…

The Big Fix

So what happened?

First, I went through a regime of cutting back on sugar and white carbs as well as a supplement called Candicin to help kill off the overgrowth of yeast in my system…this actually can feel worse for the first 1-2 days, but helps you feel incredible within 3-4 days

Second, I started a regular regime of acidophilus – probiotics supplements to help replace the "good" bacteria that had been absent from my gut for most of my life…after a month or so of this, suddenly I could eat nearly anything again and was able to throw out ant-acids that I had depended on for nearly 15-years.  (I've never taken one since in the next 20-years by the way)

Third, I used a homeopathic remedy to reduce the arsenic level in my body – this never recurred by the way, it was purely from the glues and plastics I was exposed to in the building supply store I worked in most of my teen years

Fourth, I replaced juice and pop permanently with water to help flush out my digestive and lymphatic systems

The end result was that within 1-week I felt incredible, within a month I felt like a giant, better than I had ever felt in my life.

To this day, I now control my health and energy level – if things start to get out of whack I know instantly and make a quick change to right the ship.

All of this to say that you cannot JUST work on the mind when you go about improving yourself and your life, you must work on YOU as a physical, chemical AND emotional being if you truly want to experience self improvement.

If you would like to find out more about improving your body and mind and learn about many mind & body experiences just like this one – pick up a copy of Attracting Greatness – Strengthening The 5 Pillars of Greatness In Your Life



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