Achieving Supreme Self Confidence


Both your personal satisfaction and your personal influence on those around you improves dramatically when you are filled with self confidence.

For many of us, we struggle with self confidence in some key areas of our lives:

  • When we deal with superiors – teachers, bosses, those we feel are better than us
  • Dealing with strangers
  • Speaking or participating in large groups
  • With someone we really want to like us
  • When we are chasing something we desperately want
  • Those times when we have to stretch our comfort zone

To grow beyond where we are in our current life into our true potential we must be able to grow our self confidence – especially in those areas where we feel unstable or less confident today.

Here are 5 ways to achieve supreme self confidence at the level of some of the most successful people in the world.

1. Know What You Want

It's tough to improve your self confidence in the "right" areas of your life if you aren't clear on where you want to be and the path you need to travel to get there.  The power of focus is undeniable — if your task is to improve your confidence in one or two very specific situations you can work on that and resolve those issues quickly.  If you are left to boil the ocean however, chances are you will continue to struggle in the areas that will end up to be most important in the long run.

2. Tear Down Your Inner Fear

Low self confidence comes from troubled self esteem which, in turn, often comes from fear and anxiety developed around one or more of your abilities in life.  Perhaps you were taught by your parents to "not be bold" and ask for things you want or when you need help which turned into a belief and anxiety over having to ask for help, ask for support or even ask for a promotion or raise later in life.  You want to identify those limiting beliefs, fears and anxieties then use affirmations, visualization, meditation and other reinforcement techniques to help manage those limiting beliefs turning them into positive outcomes

3. Think Less…Do More

The more time our minds have to "stew" over a belief or action that we have struggled with in the past, the further we will reinforce the fear and anxiety associated with that action.  Instead, give yourself a 10s rule – where you will only give yourself 10s to consider taking action and then just do it.  You will find that taking action is itself empowering and will further tear down the negative thoughts replacing them with positive experiences

4. You Can Handle It

One of the biggest sources of fear and doubt that prevents us from taking more action and building self confidence is the nasty limiting belief that we will not be able to handle the consequences if we are rejected, if we are challenged or if things don't go our way or the way we expected.  While we may put up a confident "front", the reality is often quite different in that we are riddled with anxiety about whether we can handle the worst case situation preventing us from ever believing something is possible or taking action in life

5. What Will Be Already IS

Instead of constantly defeating yourself in regards to the potential outcome of striking out in a particular area of life…instead start with the certain belief that what you want is already yours.  In other words, you have already achieved that particular outcome and all you are doing is living out that particular realization.  The firm belief that you already ARE what you strive to be provides the certainty that is so critical to achieving amazing things in your life

Where you sit (or stand) today is no different than where many other highly successful people are today.  The past and present is riddled with incredible cases of pain, suffering, defeat and low self confidence being overcome on the path toward supreme self confidence and life achievement.  The only question you have left is whether you will realize that NOW is your time.

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