7 Ways To Practice Personal Development Each Week


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We often talk about the incredible results that you can get from personal development, the improvements in happiness, productivity, health and spirit.

What I thought would be useful to discuss here (and I hope you will leave a comment with your input) is how we can practice personal development each day and week…actual examples of how each of us put the theory to work and actually dedicate time to applying the principles of personal improvement into our busy lives.

I will kick it off sharing 7 of the most important practices I incorporate each week, many of them becoming daily habits that I protect carefully in my busy schedule.

1. Meditation – I shoot for 20-min twice a day each day, typically I listen to ocean or water sounds in the background to help me get into the meditative state and not every day is as successful as the other, but I still continue to push on no matter what – this not only helps with relaxation, tends to give me better perspective on the stresses, setbacks and challenges faced daily

2. Exercise – while you may argue that physical exercise is not exactly personal development, I find exercise improves energy, self-confidence and overall health which is an important base for personal development

3. Learn a new idea, concept or technique each day – this can do with my business, relationships, health or personal development itself – idea is to keep learning and don't settle for what you know right now.  I believe that within human nature in each of us we MUST learn and grow, if we cap this and do not continually feed our minds, just like starving your body of nutrients, your mind will alter into undesirable directions

4. Practice gratitude. No matter what mood I wake up in the morning, I have a list of things I am grateful for that I update regularly – I repeat these to myself each morning before settling into work

5. Goals – I update these monthly and review them daily to help stay focused and motivated

6. Purpose Driven – For many years I was focused only on goals, when a set of goals were realized, I would set another set of goals.  At a point in my early 30's though I began to wonder about the bigger plan…the broader alignment for the short-term, intermediate goals.  At that point I began the process of unlocking passions, values and underlying purpose. Each day I review the purpose that is behind so much of the day's goals and activities.
7. Feed the mind with positive visualizations and thoughts.  Understanding how many negative thoughts we have historically allowed to dominate our brain patterns, for me making sure each day contains focused time to "interrupt" those neural pathways that were formed around destructive, negative thoughts with new learned patterns of positive visions and thoughts is critical to winning the battle over being held hostage by past limitations.

What About You?

How do you practice personal development?  Leave us a comment now.

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