5 Ways To Sharpen Your Personal Mind Power


happinessIt doesn't matter if you are trying to build your creativity (music, writing, fine arts), get ahead in your job, become better socially or in your relationships or strike out and start your own business…the key is to be operating closer to your maximum and to do that, you want to sharpen your mind power.

Ask yourself these questions:

  1. Has someone you know passed you in some area of your life – maybe they have found a great relationship, achieved a stage of success in their life pursuit or just seem like they have found a degree of happiness that perhaps you have not yet found?
  2. Do you often feel that you are capable of more, but can't seem to live up to those capabilities?
  3. Do you see others achieve incredible things in your life, but it seems your life is standing still?
  4. You often feel overwhelmed, stressed – as if you can't quite keep up with the speed of things going on around you?

These are common, to break out and advance in life we need to sharpen our mind power…even just a 10% improvement is enough to impact our lives massively.

I often think of the difference between an average hitter in baseball coming in at .275  versus a .300 hitter that sits among the elite hitters is less than 10% – less than 1 extra hit in every 10 at bats.  Yet the impact in terms of popularity, demand, financial return, additional life opportunities, personal happiness, etc…are huge.

So, how can you sharpen your personal mind power?

1. Clear Focus And Purpose

.300 hitters in baseball are incredibly focused on their desired outcome.  They visualize the exact result they want both in terms of overall batting performance, but also each time they go up to the plate.  Their mind is crystal clear and focused on their desired outcome.  Are you the same?  The more focus and the more that focus is driven by your passion and sense of purpose, the sharper your mind power will be.  Our minds are wonderful tools, but they must be used in the correct way.  Just as you don't use a wrench on a wood screw, you must direct your mind in order for it to perform at its maximum.

2. Overcome Fear And Doubt

For some of us, having a clear passion and purpose only serves to elevate our doubt and fear…because we want our desired outcome so badly, we are paralyzed by the fear and doubt associated with failure.  In the wonderful guidebook Attracting Greatness, practical methods are shared on how to reverse the negative thoughts, neural pathways, and visualizations we all have constructed allowing fear and doubt to be cast aside so we can make clear and meaningful progress toward our life goals.  A good deal of this involves understanding what is leading to the ongoing support of fear and doubt AND THEN knowing how to actively reverse those patterns to finally be permanently free of paralyzing fear.

3. Meditation & Relaxation

Meditation and relaxation, though lumped together as one in the same by many, are really quite different.  Meditation is a very conscious process that allows your mind to objectively see things around you (disrupting the normal subjectivity we apply to our thoughts and perspectives on life) which ultimately allows you to view and experience life as it could be rather than what it is.  Think about how powerful this can be for any of you that are struggling with a part of your life that seems rather hopeless…you can free your mind which then results in actual freedom led by new thought patterns.

4. Taking Care Physically

Not only do negative thought patterns, fear, doubt and stress impact your mind but so does physical toxicity.  The vast majority of us are physically imbalanced which leads to sub-optimal body function inevitably impacting your mind.  We all seem more worried about how we look and avoiding disease when our daily thinking and performance are impacted in large part due to imbalances in our bodies.   Everything from metal toxicity (which can come from water, environmental products we use, etc…) to yeast/candida overgrowth, wheat and gluten sensitivities through parasites that have taken refuge in your system – many that we can get from our normal environment here in the Western World.  A good part of learning to sharpen your personal mind power has to do with cleaning up your body.  The good news is that major improvements can be made in just a few weeks, you will be amazed at how much sharper your mind can be in such little time.

5. Be As Curious As You Were As A Kid

When do we lose the sense of wonder and curiousness we have naturally as kids?   Remember how everything seemed so exciting, the entire world was in front of us, we had tremendous hope and often didn't want to go to bed because we were having so much fun just learning and having fun?  What if you could get just 10-20% of that feeling back, don't you think your life would change both in terms of results and how happy and fulfilled you would be in life?  You can make it happen by simply digging into things that you find interesting, that intrigue you, that make you ask WHY?  Be curious, schedule time to just free-form learn in your life and you will find that the remaining hours of your day will take on a new perspective.

Just small changes made to sharpen your personal mind power can have incredible impacts on your life, your happiness and your productivity.  So go ahead, apply these 5 factors to your life for the next 30-days  – if you do, you will have put in motion the foundation for lasting change and improvement in your life.  Let us know if you are ready…1,2,3 – GO!


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