5 Ways To Feel Better About Yourself Today!


feel better about your lifeNot only are you far more productive, energetic and effective when you feel better about yourself, you also activate energy and enthusiasm that attracts other positive people to you.

On the other hand, when you question yourself or flat-out feel bad about yourself your tendency is to move away from everything and everyone…not only are you not moving toward what you want and what you are capable of, but you are moving away from others who can help you make progress and feel good about yourself.

Do you see the vicious cycle?

You feel down about yourself, that leads to withdrawing which gives you more time to beat yourself up and leads you away from other people who can help you or at least exercise a positive impact that will help you improve your thinking.

Before we can even get up the desire and determination for things like self improvement, setting goals or being more positive we have to break the vicious "defeated" mindset and start feeling better about yourself today.

Here are 5 ways to feel better TODAY!

1. Movement

Have you ever noticed that when you are down, depressed or feeling blue you tend to be stationary?  Sitting in front of your computer, TV, video games or just unable to get out of bed in the morning?  One of the ways to feel better about yourself this MINUTE is to change your state, get up and do something active for 10-15 minutes.  Take a brisk walk, do some sit-ups, push-ups and running on the spot, go cycling, go for a job – anything to change your state and get active.  You will feel re-invigorated after movement guaranteed!

2. Your Place Of Tranquility

Without even realizing it we have built-in visions/places that we go in our mind of where things are not good…embarrassing situations, places we have not felt comfortable, negative self-talk, etc…so it goes without saying that we need to have pre-conceived places of tranquility, peace, excitement and positivity that we can "go to" in our mind when we want to break out of feeling bad.  For me, I have a beach scene, a public speaking scene and a family scene that I can go to immediately that brings incredible peace and happiness to me no matter what mood I'm in.   What's your place?

3. Funny Bone

It's been often said, but it is true…you can't laugh and cry at the same time (though raising teenage kids with crazy hormones would dictate they can come pretty close for sure…) Use the power of the internet and look up your favorite comic strip, keep jokes that especially hit your funny bone, look for funny videos on YouTube, again watching or reading these can change your mindset immediately.

4. Purpose & Focus

The few times I have been really down in my life is where I either a) lacked a solid Purpose, direction or focus or b) lacked conviction for my Purpose, direction or focus.  Many of you are likely struggling with this now because in general, people are not purpose-driven, do not like their work, do not have a set of goals or an overriding purpose for staying healthy and productive.  Without a purpose driving you, it's easy to either be driven by someone else in which case you will not be happy or to lack any motivation or reason at all…work TODAY on being purpose driven.  If you need help with that, visit Attracting Greatness for some tips and a system that has been used by some of the most successful people in the world.

5. Finish Something

I get told over and over again…"if I could only finish something without starting something else I may actually be happier"  What this says to me is that people tend to set themselves up for failure rather than success.  If you set tasks that are too ambitious or that are not backed by a strong sense of purpose and desire, then chances are you will not finish them and will not realize the satisfaction that goes along with achieving steps toward your desired outcome.  Think of it like this…you have an ambitious goal (Z) and it's going to take several steps A-Y to achieve Z.  That's a long journey, unless you make each step achievable and enjoy the "mini" victories along the way, you will not be motivated to continue working toward your goals – correct?

We have the inner ability to control our emotions…we all know that, but often get stuck on how to take the first step.  Especially when we feel bad about ourselves or feel "down", the task of being more positive and happy seems so far away.  The truth is, however, that we use techniques like the ones above to breakthrough and feel better about yourself, be happier, more energetic and attract positive people into our lives.  Are you up to feeling better about yourself?

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