5 Ways To Change Your Bad Day To Great


What if there was a way to make the next 24-hours incredibly better than the previous 24-hours?

Wouldn't that be something we could all persuade our minds to do?

See the biggest challenge with trying change our life is the fact that we have to start doing things today that may not manifest themselves in a noticeable impact for many weeks or months

In today's world where everything hits you hour-by-hour, it's very tough to stay on course toward life change when you aren't seeing short-term improvements

Well, as it turns out, people who have changed their lives and see incredible achievements and happiness DID do some very profound things over the course of 1-day (which then carried into day-2, day-3 and so on…) that helped them see immediate results…

  • Moving from being "stuck" into highly motivated
  • Having no energy to having abundant energy
  • Being hopeless to having tremendous hope
  • On being angry and sad to being full of joy and enthusiasm

So what are these "magical" ways that you can use to see immediate results and turn your past bad days into a string of great ones?

1. Wake Your Body Up

If you are reading this and you can relate to waking up still half-tired, groggy, in a "fog", grumpy where you need to literally force yourself out of bed, into the shower to start your morning routine – then please do me a BIG favor…hit the comment button to the upper right of this blog post and let me know you are one of these people.  I do expect many of you wake up just that way…that's the way I used to wake up too.

Instead, what I want you to try today is to jump out of bed thinking about the #1 best thing that you can think of that could happen to you today.  Make your way to the shower or bath and hit yourself with about 5-minutes of the coldest water you can stand.

No…I'm not advocating water torture, what this does is begins your day by waking up every cell and nerve in your body – it's what athletes and increasingly, some of the highest achievers in the world do to change your state instantly and be 110% energized to begin the day.   This also helps to deal with inflammation which can be so destructive to our bodies each day

2. In Tune With Nature

Another way to dramatically change your day is to wake up 10-15 minutes earlier in your day and get outside (yes, even if it is raining, snowing, cold, etc…) – what you want to do is connect with nature, connect with the universe rather than start the day out of touch and immediately falling into the same state and thought patterns that have led you to where you are today

Again, by changing your state and getting back in touch with nature you are lowering your stress level, opening your creative mind, reducing your inner dialog around negativity and fear and setting the stage for an amazing day

3. Practice 10-Min Of Gratitude

You can do this before you jump out of bed, while you are in the shower, when you head outside or allocate another 10-min just for this…but what you want to do is put yourself into a state of being gracious.  Prepare your list of what you are grateful for in your life ahead of time and focus on these things for at least 10-min in the morning.

What gratitude does is replaces negativity, fear, anxiety and anger – you cannot be gracious and fearful at the same time.  You cannot be in a state of gratitude and be angry.  Try and let "being grateful" fill your entire soul, not just your mind – you want to immerse yourself in gratitude not just be thinking it.

Tony Robbins has a great saying…"too many people build a life based on expectation rather than appreciation" which means they set themselves up to be let down

4. Meditation

The term meditation means different things to different people.  For many people, guided meditation allows them to change the state of their mind to the point where focusing on one thing leads to a freeing of the mind above and outside one's current thought patterns.  Think about it this way.  Your previous pattern of thoughts have carved well-worn roadways with ruts that tend to keep you in those thought patterns typically ruled by insecurity, fear, anxiety, hopelessness, anger, etc…To carve a NEW, healthier thought pathway you need a way to escape the ruts and form new neural pathways.  That is exactly what mediation is designed to do.

For some of you, focusing on on a mantra to help achieve the single point of concentration that places us in this meditative state works.  For others, it is a highly impassioned activity such as walking in the forest, playing music, painting, etc… What you want to find is your vehicle that allows you to focus on one thing allowing you to let go of all perceivable thought where your mind and body are completely calm and thinking is more objective.

Meditation is critical as it really does alter the standard neural channels in your mind and allows for immediate and lasting change in your beliefs, thoughts, actions and results in life

5. Breathing

We all breathe when we wake up in the morning don't we?

But, if you are anything like me, my breathing used to be most shallow in the morning as the stress of the day mounted in my thoughts, I was literally taking half breaths starving my system for getting adequate (let alone optimal) oxygen which serves to clear out toxins and feed your brain, cells and lymphatic system each day

So, in addition to the methods highlighted above to change your bad day to a great one, sit straight up (or stand) and take a series of 10 breaths where you steadily take a deep breath in.   This breath in needs to be extremely deep, you will notice your belly pull in when you first take your breath – but continue and you will see it begin to stick out again as your lungs fill with air.  Hold that breath for 10-seconds and slowly (and controlled) let your breath out.

You want to do 3 sets of 10 of these breaths.

Not only will this exercise fill your body with oxygen, but it helps to give your body the energy it needs to properly function, ward off toxins and disease, regenerate cells and allows your brain to work at full function not to mention the relaxation.

Are you tired of waking up tired?

Are you ready to change a string of bad days (or even just average days) into great ones?

These 5 tips are taken directly from some of the top performers of all time in areas as wide ranging as business, artists to performers and athletes.

There should be no more excuses, you now have the tools in your hands to change your day from a bad one to a great one within minutes.  Leave a comment and let us know which method works best for you


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