5 Ways To Achieve Amazing Consistency


Consistency Leads To Excellence

Have you struggled to realize your goals?  More familiar with the term procrastination than achievement?  Can't seem to stick with something long enough to get results?

Wouldn't  it help to be more consistent?

You vow to eat better and for a few days, you do…but then someone invites you out to lunch and suddenly you find yourself in front of a big plate of cheese nachos or french fries…and then instead of getting back on track, you lose it completely and revert back to your old habits – but what if you could have been more consistent in your behavior?

Here are some tips to use to improve your consistency:

1. Back it with a big WHY! The reason we revert back to old behaviors is because they tend to be very well reinforced in our minds – often related to pleasant situations or avoiding pain.  So, when we strive for consistency of new behaviors, we must equally link them to a desired and pleasant outcome.  If you want to lose 10lbs by consistently eating better and exercising, then we must reinforce how we will look, what our friends and family will say and the outcome of having extra energy will bring to our lives each day.

2. Set aside a planned time for the activity.  Having several businesses on the internet that depend on regular writing, I make sure that the first hour (at least) each day is allocated to writing…that way if other important things come up during the day they don't derail my most important priority.

3. Set ambitious, but manageable goals. Understand that our minds can focus better for 10-15 increments, have a break and then again for 15-minutes.  Plan that into your schedule so you are not working against your mind

4. Check your attitudes toward discipline and consistency. Some people were brought up or taught that doing the same thing over and over is a negative – that it will make them boring and that they will never truly experience life that way.  I am all for creativity and changing things up, but for those BIG goals and objectives in your life, consistency gets results – period!

5. Get right back on that horse. When you learned to walk, ride a bike or ride a horse (for those that have), play any sport or achieve anything of significance in your life, you know there were setbacks – did you give up?  No, and so when you mess up your consistency don't let it impact the entire objective – instead, acknowledge that you slipped and then get back on track the next day.  There is no period too long between reinforcements when you truly believe in your goal.

Consistency leads to momentum, energy, confidence and in the end, results.  Identify those really important goals, objectives and related actions then commit to 30-days of consistency and watch your results soar.

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