5 Things To Stop If You Are Going To Break Out In Your Life


Have you ever had the feeling that you are so close to putting it all together and wondering when you will finally experience a breakout moment in your life?

Things have been challenging for years, but whether it is your career, your personal development, your spiritual self or perhaps a health or financial breakthrough – you are so close.

Why isn't it happening though?

For many people, the answer to that question is something is holding you back.

Here are 5 things that tend to hold people back from realizing their true potential…you want to stop (or at least manage) these 5 things to finally breakthrough to new levels of happiness, success and results in your life.

1. Stop Avoiding Your Most Important Purpose And Goals

Do you have a list of your most important goals?  If so, how many do you have listed and do you have your MOST important at the top?  Finally, do you live in congruence with those goals by spending 90% of your time focused on moving toward your top goal each day?

The reality is that most of us do not have an updated list of our most important goals designed in line with our purpose in life.  Even if you do, how many of you can honestly say that you are consistently applying the majority of your energy each day toward working in alignment with your top goal?

2. Stop Pushing Key People Away – You Can't Do It Alone

We see this all the time, you have great ambitions in your life to change your health, your relationships, your career or financial situation and yet you continually isolate yourself from the key people who can help you get there.  Typically this comes down to a self confidence issue.  Before you can achieve incredible results in your life you have to see yourself as worthy of playing at that level.  You want to work on visualizing yourself as one of the top people in that area, know and believe that you have what it takes and realize that this automatically (in fact already) places you into the category of many top professionals in this area.   Don't be afraid to network with them…root out those that are willing to help and work together.  Bring those along who aspire to be like you and who are not toxic (meaning they want help and are focused as you were)

3. Break Out Of The Comfort Of The Past

Moving forward at a fast pace in your life means lots of change.  While change is what you want and comes with many positives it also comes with challenges like leaving some friends behind who want to keep you down and moving ahead in areas where you don't have relationships yet which can be a lonely feeling (at least temporarily).  You will have to leave old support systems, comfort zones, relationships and pockets of what you once viewed as security behind leaping into new directions where there will be some uneasiness – blast through that knowing this is necessary to reach the next level in your life

4. You Are Your Own Guide

One of the habits many of us fall into over the years is aligning our passion, vision, interests and future in the hands of other people.  It could be coaches, bosses, managers, parents, friends, mentors, etc…but to truly break through in your life YOU need to be the leader of your own life.  You need to be lighting the way.  It's fine to look toward other for inspiration, to share your journey to the top, to help each other along the way – but when it comes to setting that direction and making sure you are on the right path daily – that's YOUR call and only YOUR call.

5. Stop Using Excuses

I hear excuses everyday made to sound like there is a legitimate reason people stop shooting for the stars.   The one I dislike the most is this term called "Perfection".  Those who put off progress in favor of waiting for perfection is not a noble thing…but just another excuse to not take action dressed up in a noble label.  Take responsibility for making sure you are taking at least 3X more action than you are spending planning, thinking, designing or procrastinating.  Action, even if it ends up to be in the wrong direction, is the best and fastest teacher leading to the quickest way to move ahead in your life.  Commit to daily action – make adjustments sure, but never use challenges, setbacks or re-adjustments be an excuse for slowing or stopping your progress.

Doing the right things, focusing on the right areas to improve your life is critical but so to is recognizing the factors that continually hold you back and prevent you from making the final leap into new areas, new experiences, new joy and new fulfillment in your life.

Tackle these areas that tend to hold us back and you will see how easy it becomes to move forward with meaningful change in your life.

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