5 Surefire Ways To Stop Procrastination And Be Productive


end procrastinationIt's the #1 frustration that people in today's society struggle with – how to stop procrastination, get off our butts and really do the things we know we should, or would like to be doing to see results.

One explanation for this is the relative comfort we live in here in the Western World means that our basic human instincts of seeking out survival and shelter are largely met…what we haven't yet adapted to is how to dedicate the same "survival" instincts to the goals associated with finding our place in society, maximizing our true potential, understanding our higher purpose and then having the discipline to see it through.

Reaching for higher potential is not something we automatically KNOW, at least not at this point in human evolution…which means this largely is a learned skill.

The luckiest of us learn early in life by parents who figured it out, friends who learned this skill or influential teachers or coaches that helped us along the way…still, the numbers are relatively few which means that the majority of us must proactively learn to make productivity around higher level goals a MUST in our life…as urgent and important as finding food, water and shelter.

5 Ways To Stop Procrastination And Be More Productive

1. Burning Desire

We achieve little in life without it being fueled by a burning desire to be, have, do or achieve an end result in our lives.   That burning desire may be sparked by someone else, but ultimately it comes from within.  So few of us pay attention to our own emotions, feelings…what we must learn to do is stop burying our emotions and instead tap into them for they are the fuel that can propel us to higher activity and achievements in life.  Without a burning desire, procrastination will fester.   Procrastination is not an affliction in itself, but is rather a symptom that presents itself in the absences of desire, passion, belief and discipline.  When you don't have food or shelter, the desire is automatic.   What ELSE do you desire?  What is that burning fire in your belly that you have been suppressing for far too long?  Let it boil over and finally unleash the amazing energy that will come from tapping into your purpose and desire in life.

2. Belief

Along with that burning passion and desire must come unwavering belief that you can achieve your desired outcome.  Without such belief, the flame of desire will be forever extinguished.  This element of belief is CRITICAL to overcome procrastination and move forward in life.   In Attracting Greatness, one of the key lessons based on studying the most successful, happiest people in life works through key belief triggers and systems to replace fear, doubt and finally let you reach for the stars no matter how much you are held back today.

For example, let's say your burning desire was to perform music and teach others music around you, but you doubt your ability to stand out from the crowd or your ability to make a living and support those around you…do you see how belief can completely obliterate the fire of desire?  To help, you want to seek out others who HAVE successfully overcome these challenges, role models AND you want to begin positively programming your mind (through visualization, meditation, affirmations, belief scenarios, etc…) so that you overcome doubt, replace it with belief and allow your burning desire to reach its intensity.

3. Back Against The Wall

Whether you realize it or not, humans really only realize their true potential when they sense their backs are against the wall.  While not everyone thrives under the stress of having to achieve success, very few successes come about WITHOUT this perception in our heads.  So, to create the optimum environment for achievement and to make sure we stop procrastinating, we want to have in our minds that our backs are against the wall.  There can be no plan B, no second chances, no "easy way out" or our mind will subconsciously gravitate toward them.  Until you create this scenario in your mind that you MUST succeed, that the pain associated with NOT moving toward your goal is greater than if you struggle or fail.  Get this right and procrastination will be in your distant past.

4. Momentum

Desire, belief and failing to give yourself an easy out will get you started on the right path, you want to take full advantage of momentum…especially for the first few weeks to ensure that living without procrastination becomes a habit – the replacement habit for living in fear, boredom and without direction.  Only when good habits replace bad habits over time can we truly say we have beaten procrastination down to the mat.  To achieve momentum you want to create an environment of discipline around you…partner with people that share your desire and passion, make it a daily habit to review your purpose, passion and eventual outcome, create a daily plan that you stick to just as you eat, sleep and breath each day.  Reinforce new, healthy habits and you will find that momentum is on your side, productivity becomes the new symptom rather than procrastinating.

5. Renewal

Once you lower the level of procrastination in your life and elevate your productivity becoming addicted to the good habits that are finally giving you the results you seek, stay ahead of complacency.  In other words, as you achieve results you will find yourself at a place where you become satisfied allowing the potential for loss of focus, reduced desire and falling back into bad habits.  You can overcome this complacency by renewing your desire and purpose and making sure you continue to have a bright light to drive toward.  If that light becomes dull, then quickly reset and make sure you recharge your passion.

Procrastination develops as a coping habit to deal with a void of passion, purpose and energy in our lives…in fact most actions when procrastinating (watching TV, surfing the internet, gaming, or just vegetating) specifically work to either fill that void or reduce the pain associated with fear, displeasure and boredom in life.

Instead, tap into that internal fire you have been suppressing for too long, let it burn freely and draw energy, momentum and clarity of purpose – procrastination as a symptom will disappear replaced by productivity, happiness and results…are you ready to give it a try?



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