5 Surefire Ways To Manage Stress


Having occasional stress in our lives is not a bad thing, the real challenge is in the face of chronic stress anxiety how we can manage stress so that it has less impact on our life?

Recently there has been growing evidence linking a whole host of mental and physical ailments to the effects of stress and anxiety – everything from depress and memory loss to weight gain, heart attacks and even cancer.  Outside of smoking and diet, there is no other single factor impacting our overall health and wellness.  Clearly learning how to manage stress is critical to our own life.

We will never be able to eliminate stress or it's impact on our life, but we certainly can do a better job than just coping with stress.  Here are 5 stress management tips from the highly respected "Attracting Greatness" that will help you improve your mental and physical shape by boosting our ability to manage stress.
1. Staying present.  It sounds simple, but one of the best ways to deal with stress is to stay in the moment rather than lamenting or thinking about either the past or what may happen in the future. A good deal of chronic stress comes from us dumping more stress and anxiety on ourselves.  By using more objectivity and staying in the moment we can keep from blowing situations out of proportion and deal with the stress of the moment rather than carry it with us.

2. Meditation.  We mentioned being objective about situations in our life so that we don't add stress to our lives, meditation is one way to make that possible.  By taking 20-30 minutes twice each day and meditating you accomplish a number of things including: breaking the cycle of chronic stress, training your body and mind as to what true relaxation really feels like and gives us an "in the moment" perspective that helps us manage stress.

3. Stress "Power" Thinking.  What I mean by this is that when you are under stress, give yourself 2-minutes and completely stress out over that situation.  Bring it on full-tilt giving yourself permission to let the stress come with the understnding that after that 2-minutes you no longer think about it.  After the 2-minutes use visualizations such a stream carrying your stress away to help relieve stress.

4. Diet. Your ability to deal with stress depends heavily on how taxed or toxic your system is.  When your body is riddled with sugar spikes, toxic with poisons that stress your liver, kidneys and pancrease, full of yeast or infected with parasites – no wonder we are unable to fight stress when we are struggling just to maintain our basic health. 

We talk about this in detail inside "Attracting Greatness" – the need to diagnose and cleanse our systems is critical to getting more out of life.

5. Sleep.  I put sleep as #5 for a reason.  Lack of sleep is a major factor in our ability to deal with the effect of stress, but the factors listed in #1-4 heavily impact sleep.  It's no good to tell someone to sleep better when they are riddled with stress, are in a state of chemically altered depression, are eating or drinking poorly impacting sleep or dealing with health conditions such as digestive or back problems that prevent them from getting a solid 7-hours each night.  Once you begin working on #1-4, then it's great to discipline your sleeping habits to relieve your stress anxiety.

The effects of stress are massive, your health, happiness and ability to attract positive people and wealth into your life depends heavily on taking action on these 5 steps.  It's time to manage stress and make living life much simpler and rewarding than it is right now.

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