5 Steps To Living Your Dream Life


live your dream life

If I asked you today, "are you living your dream life?", what would your answer be?

Most often, the answer is "no" or "not even close" – is that your answer?

A much tougher question is "what would your dream life look like?"

It's not that most of us wouldn't come up with a few ways to describe our dream life…something like "being my own boss" or "never having to work another day in our lives" or simply "living by the ocean"  resemble some of the statements we have heard from those who have used the SNAP program for getting unstuck in their lives.

Yet when you peel back the onion, there are real, gut-check, emotional desires that fuel your desire for change in your life.

For instance…

  • To be admired and well compensated for helping people become better or improve their lives
  • To achieve a level of security for themselves and their family that afford them the freedom to do what they want (security to help obtain freedom)
  • To have more choice and options in your life
  • To live a life congruent with your own beliefs, desires and talents
  • To open the door toward living a healthier and happier life (money to buy quality food, live in a peaceful setting, be around other healthy people, etc..)

This list is often what REALLY drives our thoughts around money, job, where we live and the things we want to have in our lives…in other words they are a means to an end and that end is driven by fundamental desires and thoughts that do not bubble immediately to the surface but drive us at a very deep level as humans.

It is exactly because we live at this "surface level" that we often fail to dig down deeper and discover our true motivations and desires capable of unlocking our true potential.

So now that we have that breakthrough out of the way, lets get on with changing our lives so we can truly live a dream life.

5 Steps To Unlocking Your Dream Life

It's Within You Right Now – BELIEVE IT

Many coaches and experts will tell you that you must "see it before you can achieve it", and I used to buy into that saying myself…but it's actually not true.  You can see many things around you and long for them, but never realize them.  In fact, this is what causes great amounts of stress, frustration and anger in our lives.  In reality, the more accurate way to express this thought is "believe it before you can achieve it."  Without believing that you both deserve and will accept the challenge to live up to your dream life, you will not achieve it.  Work on belief each day…not the belief that you will somehow magically have it, but belief that you will live each day in pursuit of your ability to live the dream life that exists within you right now.

Be Outrageous – Be Different

Your dream life will only come about if you are both conscious enough and fearless enough to live life on your own terms in tune with what you have to offer the world.  One of the most surprising things about humans is that most of us hold so much of what we really are inside, leading false lives that we "think" we must live to impress other people.  So many experts we have worked with only became truly happy and successful in their lives when they finally stopped worrying about what others thought of them and instead became better in-tune with their own greatness without fearing what others would think.

Cultivate Discipline – Sacrifice To Win

Let me assure anyone reading this right now that achieving your dream life will not be a straight path, nor will it be reachable by following existing habits or practices.  You will have to sacrifice some things in your life and you will have to experience some short-term pain to achieve longer-term gain.  This is why belief and being driven by your true beliefs and desires is so important, it helps you overcome the sacrifices and challenges you will face as you rise to live your dream life.

Re-Program Your Mind

Realize that your current beliefs and habits have been programmed over a number of years by many people and those very beliefs and habits are what are now holding you back.  Everything from lack of self-belief, negative self-talk, to the people you feel comfortable with and underlying beliefs that frame your thinking must be re-evaluated.  In most cases, the negative habits and beliefs you have will need to be intentionally replaced through re-programming your mind (just as it was programmed the first time) through techniques like positive affirmations, visualizations, deep breathing, meditation, intention…you can re-program your mind in an amazingly short period of time (considering it has been clogged with years of negative reinforcement)

Be Fearless In Taking Action

Nothing happens by just thinking, feeling or planning – progress takes the application of your thoughts, of your emotions and of your strategies.  Not only is action the only technique for making true progress, it is the absolute most efficient and fastest method of obtaining feedback allowing for quick adjustments and further progress.  At first taking fearless action toward living your dream life will be extremely uncomfortable, but soon it will become a new learned behavior and your life will never the same.

You possess the power to transform your life into your own dream life.  Through the steps of recognition, belief, daily practice and overcoming fear and negative patterns you will chart a course that will result in fundamental, seismic shifts in your own happiness, your ability to live a free and peaceful life and attract those things that are most important to you in your life – in short, live your dream life.

Are you up to getting started?

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