5 Simple Ways To Beat Stress


Chronic stress caused by feeling an overall lack of control and frustration in life is a paralyzing force that has many negative side-effects on our emotional, social and physical health.

We are all at risk, and many of us are trapped in a hopeless vortex of stress that, at times, seems impossible to escape.

So, here are 5 simple ways that you can use to control stress in your life:

Replace Being Stressed With Being Blessed. 

Each time you get stressed or frustrated, replace that with a thought about how blessed you are — have a "I am grateful for…" list that you commit to memory so you can draw upon those items at will.

Stop Worrying and Thinking and Start Acting

So much of our worrying and anxiety comes from over-thinking, creating negative scenarios and dreading the worst-case.  When you find yourself worrying or being anxious, take action – learn something new, try something new, talk to someone, do something (anything will often do just to adjust your mind)

Take Back Control

Negative, chronic stress is highly associated to a perception of having little or no control over situations in our life.  To reverse that stress we must take back control.  Think about how you really do control these situations and that you will start right now to assert that control.  Even if this changes very little at this instant, the fact that you now see yourself back in control (even at some point in the future) is highly empowering and reverses stress immediately

Interrupt Stress…

There are many ways to interrupt stress, they include meditation, breathing exercises, physical exercise, creative activities (music, art, crafts, etc…), laughing – use these deliberately to interrupt stress patterns and set you up in a new stress-free state to carry on your day

Health Improvements

Even slight improvements in your overall health such as getting daily activity, cutting back on unhealthy foods, getting sufficient and regular sleep, cleansing your system and enhancing one's immune system will work wonders for being able to control your response to stressful situations.  You know as well as I that we just don't handle situations as well when we are not feeling well, not self confident or lack sleep.  You can completely reverse the impact stress has on your life by even modest improvements in your overall health


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