5 Simple Daily Questions That Empower You To New Heights


600px-Ambox_blue_question_svgWe're taught as kids to be critical of other people and to question ideas.  Through critical thinking we learn new things about the world that end up reflecting on our own personal growth.

What top achievers tend to do is also move some of these questions inward, not to knock themselves down but to keep learning, growing and improving.

Here are 5 of the most important daily questions you want to ask yourself each day on the journey to becoming a better, happier and more fulfilled person.

1. Do I Know Where I Am Headed?

If you can't answer this question, then chances are you are allowing others to guide and influence our thoughts, directions and behaviors.  If you ask yourself "Am I in control of my life", most of us would answer – "Yes!"  But are we really?  By asking ourselves "Do I Know Where I Am Headed" ensures that we do have a "beacon", a BIG purpose and objective guiding our life journey and acting as a constant point of measurement through which we can gauge progress and help us reset quickly we we get off track.  There is virtually ZERO chance that you will end up in the best possible place without having a clear vision of where it is you want to be.  Once you have a clear vision of where you are headed, make sure that this future outcome excites you and aligns with your passion in life…you will know by the feeling you get when you clarify where you are headed. Try to set 5-10 year objectives of where you are headed and be ok with outlining the life you envision when you reach where you are headed.

2. Am I On The Right Path

Although your path to achieving your desired destination state in life can certainly vary and if we expect to enjoy the journey it certainly should be expected that we be flexible in adjusting our path as we live out our life's purpose, at any given time you do want to be asking yourself questions around your current path.  This question prevents us from falling into periods of "existing" versus "thriving" in our lives.  Settling in and becoming comfortable for too long leads to an unhealthy balance between reliance on security and constancy versus what we need to feel alive around learning, growth and taking risks.  If you find yourself stuck on a path for too long, it's likely time to change course and set out on the next path toward our destination.

3. Do I Believe With Total Certainty In My Future?

So man of us have wishes, dreams, plans and goals for the future and we may even think we are committed to reaching those goals 100% yet there is the constant, nagging doubt hanging over our shoulder that serves to sabotage our progress.  The more aggressive your life plan, the less natural certainty around your ability to reach that desired outcome.  Yet certainty and belief tip the scales in your favor around achieving that desired state.  What do you do?  Each day you work on building your belief and certainty.  You study others who have taken the path and succeeded.  You create a vision of already accomplishing your climb and the exact sensory experience having reached the summit.  This daily question allows you to check in and make sure you are building total belief and certainty in your desired objectives in life.

4. What Did Today's Setbacks Or Frustrations Teach Me?

We all experience setbacks and frustrations and those of us who chart especially challenging paths in life will experience even more.  It's a fundamental truth, setbacks and challenges are opportunities to learn quickly and allow opportunities for us to pivot toward more certain success in life.  The challenge for most people though is reacting negatively to setbacks and challenges instead of accepting them, quickly learning from them, adjusting our path and moving forward even more quickly than before.  By asking this one simple question we turn the tables on setbacks from negative impact into much more positive learning opportunities – a trait that all high achievers have mastered on their path to achievement.

5. Did I Push Beyond My Comfort Zone?

This question is a challenge for most of us, but growing in life demands that we try new things and that we step outside our comfort zones to areas of less certainty where excitement, rapid learning and new experiences all exist.  Achievement without pushing ourselves rarely happens.  On the positive side, living outside of our previous comfort zones is a learned skill reinforced by regular habits.  In other words, once you focus on taking steps that previously may have been outside of your comfort zone for a few weeks it becomes the NEW normal and you have raised your game to where you will significantly enhance your quality of life and achievement.  Your self-confidence builds, your energy and enthusiasm grow, your knowledge and experiences grow and suddenly you are screaming down new and exciting pathways in your life.

With these 5 simple questions you can empower yourself toward new levels of happiness, fulfillment, growth and achievement in just a few short days.  Get ready to GROW!

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