5-Minute Daily Ritual To Boost Self-Confidence


Let's face it, the vast majority of missed opportunities, stress, fear and frustration in our lives comes from our own internal "little voice" holding us back.

Whether it's sticking to a passion in the face of everyone else telling us we are CRAZY or talking ourselves out of chasing a dream because it just seems too risky and we believe there is a good chance we will fail.

But what if we knew we would succeed?

What if we believed that when it comes to our own abilities WE know far more than THEY do?

Wouldn't that make us pretty close to being unstoppable?

That certainty of mindset comes from having self-confidence, something that we ultimately control and can master.

3 Quick Ways To Boost Your Confidence Daily

1. Review Your Wins (2-Mins) 

We all have "wins" in life…moments we are proud of, achievements, thoughts or behaviors for which we are proud.  You want to have those on a list or as a recording on your mobile device so you can review those for 1-minute in the morning and 1-minute at night.  We spend so much of our time reviewing our limitations and losses (even constructing future scenarios where we will lose) that substituting a review of our wins will have a dramatic impact on your self confidence

2. You Have Already Won (2-Mins) 

What better way to substitute certain belief that you will succeed for the more common belief that you won't than having a clear image, affirmation and emotional attachment to your "post-victorious" life.

Construct a life for yourself based on the assumption that you have already achieved what you desire…how you feel, who you are with, what's around you, what additional contributions you make to those around you (and society in general).

Don't stop creating this post-victory life until it hits you emotionally as if you have actually achieved your desired outcome.  You will spend 1-minute twice daily to reflect on this post-victorious life and really feel it.

3. No Failures – Just Resiliency (1-Min)

But wait – that leaves us with 1-minute to spare.

This will be a very important minute, in this minute you want to remind yourself daily that you CANNOT fail.

Setbacks, challenges, surprises and outside forces will all afford you opportunities to learn what does not work and what does work.

These are Fast-Track learning opportunities that are necessary to get from where you are today to where you want to be.

To prevent yourself from emotionally melting as you hit these "learning opportunities" each day…spend at least 1-minute each day (ideally in the morning) reflecting on this statement

"The Challenges, Frustrations and Setbacks I Experience This Day Will Strengthen My Resolve, My Understanding And My Capabilities To Move Quickly Closer To My Desired Outcome."  

With this perspective you will find a new energy and enthusiasm toward facing daily challenges and finding new opportunities where previous setbacks would have paralyzed you.

Surely 5-minutes a day is a small price to pay to achieve a permanent, unshakable elevated state of self confidence that will drive you to further heights in your life journey.

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