5 Growth Hacks For Personal Improvement


Growth hacking has become a popular term in business to denote rapid-fire, continuous testing and improvement – turning what used to be viewed as risks and setbacks into learning opportunities and continuous improvement.

Growth hacking can also be applied to self-improvement, where we can dramatically increase the rate at which we learn, achieve and experience personal growth in our lives.

Here are 5 growth hacks – can you come up with any others?

1. From Fear To Action 

Instead of letting fear paralyze you, commit to taking action within 30-seconds of experiencing fear.  It may not be the exact thought or action that led to the fear in the first place, you may modify your thought or action – but don't let fear win, instead re-direct and, take action and overcome fear

2. Overcome Negative Thoughts With Gratitude

It's impossible to be sad or angry while you are in a state of gratitude.  Program yourself to immediately overcome negative thoughts or experiences with a flash of gratitude and suddenly you'll find that you no longer fall into day-long or week-long funks where you become completely negative, depressed and non-functioning.

3. Eliminate The Noise 

One of the most powerful skills you can learn is to re-focus during especially "noisy", "busy" or "confusing" times.  Top achievers are able to rebound from chaos on confusion back to a state of focus and concentration within seconds.  Try this as you go through your day…each time you find yourself in a meeting, personal situation, social situation, online, etc…where you are being distracted (when you would rather not be), then immediately snap back to a place of focus where you clearly focus on what is most important, your desired outcome and tasks at hand.

4. Walk Away From "Toxic" People

We all experience them nearly every day, people who would rather complain, criticize, fret or otherwise put a negative spin on life.  A terrific growth hacking method to experience maximum self improvement is to always have a thought pattern and physical resources or people to go to when you want to get back to positive people.  For me, I have set channels on YouTube that inspire, engage and motivate me as well as close friends who share my perspective on life.  More than ever I avoid or leave situations where toxic people are active – this is just a waste of time and should be avoided at all costs.

5. Make Quick Decisions

For many decisions in life, making a quick decision based on our level of input is the way to go, we can then refine and alter based on the experience learned by taking action early and often.  The growth hack here is to commit to taking action no longer than 30s after you have input on a specific challenge or direction.  You can always change your path if new knowledge or experience comes to you, but becoming a person of action and execution will allow you to learn, grow and achieve at much higher rates in your life.

Are you committed to growth hacking your own personal improvement?

Let us know if you already use some of these techniques or if you have other growth hacking techniques that you suggest we know about.

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