5 Daily Principles That Will Make You Popular


One of the basic human needs and desires is to be loved.

We all think it's great when we are respected, the challenge though is that actively chasing after prestige can send exactly the wrong message.

Instead, if you can live by these five principles each day you will be laying the foundation for a lifetime of prestige, respect and admiration.

1. Be Honest, Act With Integrity

There are many points in our lives when we have to decide on telling the truth at the expense of perhaps not looking as good in the short-term versus telling "white lies" that perhaps help us save face at that moment but that typically always come back to bite us in the ass in front of the people we admire and respect the most.  Honesty and integrity are the pillars of strength of character and will be respected by the people that are or will become most important to you in your life.

2. Be Yourself

The people that end up with the most respect and admiration and ultimately are more popular are those that are comfortable in their own skin.  This can be uncomfortable at points in your life because sticking to your principles, beliefs and values can sometimes rub other people the wrong way, can make others around you jealous or frustrate the ignorant.  No matter what, be yourself and you will be popular with quality people who will eventually be the strongest and most loyal friends or partners into the future.

3. Live In Motion – Be Exciting

Many people wonder how to be charismatic, how can they be exciting when they may be highly introverted today and don't feel they have much to offer.  The answer is to always be taking action – just do things and your activity will be infectious, in itself being the source of excitement.   So, if you don't think of yourself being the center of attention, the life of the party or even someone who gets much attention around anyone – take more action and you will get noticed.

4. Be Curious, Always Learn

Curiosity, learning and excitement are all infectious – wouldn't you much rather be around someone who has that zest for life, loves to learn new things about every topic, that is continually engaged and knows so much they can share and help you along?  Getting stuck in a rut and doing the same thing day after day is not a good recipe for being popular.  Much better to be curious, learn as much as you can and always be asking questions and learning from the people and situations around you.

5. Be Supportive & Encouraging

A lifetime of coaching my kids in sports has left me with FAR more joy, meaning and self confidence in my life than doing most anything else AND with the smallest of interest and encouragement in some of their lives I am pretty sure there have been some major breakthroughs along the way.  It takes less than you think to change someone's life…to offer encouragement, to help them learn their way, to know someone is supporting them and will help unconditionally as they embark on their journey's in life.

Popularity is not something you can buy, not something you can fake, and not something you can plan, instead being popular comes from how you live your life day-in and day-out. By living in concert with these 5 principles you will not only build a strong foundation upon which your popularity will continue to grow, but you will also improve your confidence and your enjoyment in life…the two go hand-in-hand.

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