5 Changes To Get What You Want


want in lifeHave you ever experienced a moment where you thought to yourself…"why did he or she achieve the things they have in their lives and you haven't been able to get what you want?"

It's especially frustrating when you see that they are often…

  • Not any smarter
  • Haven't worked exceptionally harder
  • Do not have any privileged access
  • Seem to attract great people and great things without even trying
  • Are not any better educated
  • Started at the same place you did several years ago
  • Not any more motivated than you are – you dream just as big

So what is the difference and why have they been able to achieve all of the things you have wanted to in your life, but so far have not been able to get?

It Comes Down To Mindset

You may have the same reaction I always used to have when I heard that "mindset" is the big factor that differentiates successful people from those who can only dream about success.

It sounds too fuzzy, too simple and too theoretical to be true doesn't it?

Yet I have to say after working with hundreds and hundreds of people on improving their lives, their personal improvement, their business and career motivation and personal success in life – mindset is indeed the missing X factor.

Let me explain why in very clear terms…

On any given day the average person has 10X the negative thoughts, doubts, anger and frustration brewing inside of them than those who eclipse average and somehow manage to become a high achiever in one or more areas of their life.

By default, our minds are busy with so much negative thought, fear, anxiety – coming from within and externally through our interactions with friends, family, the media, etc…that it is impossible to cultivate the necessary belief and energy to create abundance and happiness in our lives.

This is a plain fact, something that you simply cannot deny.

The only way to counter this fact is to intentionally recognize thought patterns (through mindfulness) and then to intentionally (at least a first) override the negative thoughts, beliefs and intentions with positive ones.

This is NOT about positive thinking which tends to try to place a band-aid over top of negative thoughts and fears, instead this is an all-out, mindset replacement where we recognize, interrupt and then replace the old way of thinking to where we create massive positive change in our lives.

How do we accomplish this?

1. Identify Problematic Thinking

This one is relatively simple since we all have so much negative self-talk and negativity around us each day it is a pretty simple exercise to begin to spot this and become aware of negativity in our lives.  I noticed this most when I started meditating each day.  Through the exercise of quieting the mind you tend to be flooded with thoughts that you become suddenly very aware of.  In fact, this is a common reason many people stop meditation, they feel they cannot quiet their mind.  The reality though is that this flood of thoughts is very normal and is the first phase in mastering meditation.  It also serves as a very abrupt recognition of what negativity, worry, anxiety and fear your mind deals with each day.  For now, just become aware of these thoughts – awareness is necessary to further change your life and get what you want.

2. Change Your Surroundings

A good deal of how you think and therefore how you believe and behave is due to the people around you.  If you are around a negative family member for hours each day, that impacts your life.  What about negative friends?  Same thing.  Here's a big one, how about negative co-workers?  How many of you have to work with people that just hate what they do or can't stand others around them and gossip or play politics all day?  You may think you can deflect this negativity away and control your own thinking but that just isn't true.  For many of us, it's not until you have a change of scenery that you realize how toxic your surroundings may have been.   Do yourself a favor, from this day forward make it your intention to only spend time with other positive, constructive and happy people (at least as much as possible)

3. Cultivate Belief

You may "think" you want something, you may even dream and obsess over it, but if you don't believe with all of your heart and head that it is going to happen, then it most likely won't.  As is pointed out in this blog post on belief, we are FAR more likely to achieve things in our lives if we see others that we deem equal to us having achieved it.  For decades runners dreamed of achieving the 4-minute mile, but it took Roger Bannister to finally achieve it before hundreds of others would follow.  Belief is not only a powerful catalyst to getting what you want in life, it is a necessity.  Belief must be cultivated through a daily ritual of studying positive role models, visualization, affirmation, taking steps and building personal belief…when you improve your belief you will be unstoppable.

4. Beat Down Obstacles

Not to say all of this will be simple.  Around every corner obstacles such as pain, fear, worry and self-doubt will be there to potentially stand in your way.  In Attracting Greatness through the 5 Pillars of Greatness an entire section is devoted to realizing and then defeating fear, self-doubt and improving self esteem on your way to beating the final obstacles that stand in the way of greatness in your life.  All of the successful people I have met in my life have had MORE (not less) challenges than the average person which means they have become experts at mastering obstacles preventing them from holding them back in life.  A good portion of your personal development must be focused on taming your "dragons" – it is easier than you think.

5. Take Consistent Action…No Matter What

Now that you have overcome the negative thought patterns, created unwavering belief and have overcome the first phase of obstacles that will try to hijack your success, it is still very important to now cultivate a success habit.  For years (even decades) we have formed habits that have not led to the outcome we want in life, now we are set to begin to set new habits, constructive habits, habits that will allow us to live congruently with our new beliefs and get us the next level of results we so badly desire.  The good news is that these habits will form quite quickly IF we let them.  Stick with a consistent weekly plan for 4-6 weeks and the likelihood your life will change forever is significantly greater.

It's Up To You Now

Are you at the stage in your life where you are fed up enough to put a plan like this into place? Are you tired of settling for what you have and would rather finally get what you want in life?  Print this step-by-step plan out and leave us a comment when you decide to make a change in your life.  We hope to hear from many of you – this system really works, will you be the next person who starts getting what you want?

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