4 Steps To Finding Your Purpose In Life


Is there anything more frustrating than living your life, day-in and day-out, with the feeling that your life has no purpose?

How can you be expected to understand your place in the world, your contribution, your deep connection to those around you who share your purpose or your value in the world which is the basis of forming meaningful relationships and allows you to make a living or achieve the fulfillment and happiness that comes with living in tune with our purpose IF we don't really know what that purpose is?

More important, how can we continue to stay optimistic, happy, enthusiastic – or even just get out of bed each day if we aren't focused on something exciting and meaningful?

People struggle with this everyday.

One of the key pillars to the "Get Unstuck In Your Life" Change System is to uncover your true purpose in life…that's what you will have the power to do here today.

In fact, most people live constantly trying to escape the feelings of helplessness and hopelessness associated with not having a purpose in life.

Getting To The Bottom Of Finding Your Purpose In Life

Let's try and simplify the process of finding your purpose AND put it in terms of something you can achieve right after having read this blog post (PLEASE take a minute at the end of this post to leave a comment and let us know if you were able to apply these principles – our goal with this is nothing short of giving you a way to find your life purpose in mere minutes)

1. STEP 1 – What Are You Passionate About?

What is that one thing that you absolutely love to do, that makes you feel great, where time stands still and you feel most at peace than anything else you do in life.

Here are some examples, but please make sure you reflect enough on your own life to get to YOUR true passion:

  • music
  • art
  • writing
  • sports/athletics
  • programming/coding
  • carpentry
  • Model planes or trains
  • etc…

Do NOT edit your thoughts on this, you want the TRUTH about what your ultimate passion is

2. STEP 2 – How Does Your Passion Impact Other People?

I bet you never thought about this one did you?

To begin with, many of us have buried our true passions and only practice them on very rare occasions – when real life allows us.

Certainly though, we haven't thought about the impact our passion has on other people.

Perhaps you don't really know yet, but chance are one of the things that makes you passionate about the choice you made in #1 is the impact that it has on other people.

For example, the artist who early on is told that a piece of art they created made someone feel happy or inspired another person they care about to also follow their passion in art.

Another example, the incredible fulfillment that comes from seeing someone's life improve due to a bookshelf, table or other piece of furniture you may have created for them as a gift (assuming carpentry was their passion)

Deep down, passions we have are often linked to how they make us and those around us feel.   Chances are, if you want to be a rock star or famous actor it is (at least partly) motivated by the fact that you can have an impact on people — you can make them smile, laugh, cry or send them home happy.  What an amazing ability you would have to have a purpose in life that has such an impact on those around you

3. STEP 3 – What Transformation Will That Lead To In Your Life?

Put your visualization engine into action for this exercise.

Imagine what your life would look like if you spent the majority of your time?

How much energy would you have?  Who would you be able to spend your time with?  How eager would you be to get up in the morning and start practicing your passion?  How much less stress would you have in your life?  How much more of yourself would you be able to express to the world?  How much happier and healthier do you think you would be?

Go ahead, take 15-minutes and just imagine (in very vivid detail), what your life IS like now that you know what your passion is and assuming you lived in total alignment with that passion.

Write down the following:

  • How would you feel each day?
  • When would you wake up?
  • What would your stress level be compared to today?
  • Would you be happier? If so, how much happier?
  • Would you have more energy or less?
  • Who would you be around more, and who would you be around less and how would that feel?

4. STEP 4 – What Transformation Will That Lead To For Those Around You (Those That Are Impacted By The Practice Of Your Passion)?

Now that you have a comprehensive vision and list of the transformations in your own life when you live in alignment with your passion, let's do the same thing for how practicing your passion would impact others.

For this exercise, answer these questions with those that are impacted by what you create, transform or give as a result of practicing your passion:

  • What is value you bring to those who come into contact with the practice of your passion?
  • How do you help improve their lives?
  • Do you raise or lower their stress level?
  • What specific pain are you able to decrease and what specific pleasure can the practice of your passion achieve for them?
  • What type of lasting impression can you make on other people's lives when you practice your passion?
  • Are you able to make a bigger impact on other people than you are today?

Putting It All Together

In order to identify your purpose in life you need to not only identify your passion, but you must identify that passion in a way that you truly understand, realize and believe in the value that realizing your passion adds to those around you.

I hear it all the time, if I did what I loved I would be broke, or selfish.

However, by working through the process above you will realize that living in closer alignment with your passion IS your purpose in life and that the outcome is not only healthier (emotionally and physically) for yourself but contributes greater value to those around you which translates into better relationships, better productivity, better value in exchange for financial return and a true net-net positive effect on you and those around you.

Having gone through this process (you did follow each step didn't you?), do you now see that the basis of your purpose in life (your passion) is not only something of benefit to you, but is of immense value and benefit for those impacted by your passion?

All that is left to do now is to put together a plan around practicing, staying true and delivering value based on your passion to the world and you will find yourself living the journey to achieve your purpose in life starting today.

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