4 Steps To Finding Your Life Purpose


purpose in lifeHow frustrating is it to have people around you locked into something special in their life tell you that all you need to do is find your life purpose?

Sounds simple enough doesn't it?

After all, it seems logical that we are all meant to do at least one thing great down here on Earth, something that will not only enhance our value for the short time we have, but a direction and meaning that blasts through the boredom, negativity and lack of fulfillment that so many of us struggle with day to day.

What seems to happen though is that we end up…

  • Working in a job that pays the bills, but that we aren't really excited about or even detest
  • Are so busy that we can't even seem to think straight let alone focus on whatever it is we are supposed to be focused on
  • Torn in so many directions with other people wanting our time that we haven't got any left for ourselves
  • Living someone else's dreams as we help raise our kids, help neighbors or friends with their dreams or move through careers that help companies become wealthy while we sit unfulfilled

The downside of all this is that we become a ship that is lost at sea, a rocket without a course that will rocket through the vast emptiness of space only to eventually burn up on re-entry.

The good news – as is outlined in detail within Attracting Greatness: The 5 Pillars of Achieving Greatness In Your Life –  is that we control the ability to change this in our life.  We can flick the switch that allows us to once again be excited, be energized, be happy and fulfilled.  Sure, it takes some effort, but given that it changes every aspect of your life for the better, isn't that worth a little effort?

Here are 4 steps you can use for finding your life purpose and take back control of your life.

1. What Excites And Energizes You

This step is going to take some effort to suspend disbelief.  In other words, most of us have purposely locked out knowledge of what our purpose should be in life due to fear, overwhelm, frustration, etc…so we can't just expect this to come to us now.  Instead, you want to set aside 30-minutes TODAY to do something you have NEVER done before…write freely about the most exciting things in life.  It could be music, teaching people, playing a sport, writing, working on math problems, etc… We all know what they are.  Mine your past for times when you were so excited that time didn't seem to matter.  That energy came naturally…that you felt a peace and excitement you rarely feel.  Think about the detail of those times – what were you doing, with who and what activities, skills or expertise did you bring to that situation?

2. Plan Your New Purpose-Driven Vision

Now, with step 1 in mind you want to let the knowledge of what has excited you in the past guide your future.  In a perfect world where you do not have any restrictions (bills to pay, people to look after, commitments to keep, fears or uncertainties, etc…) – what life would you be living?  Be careful to not fall back into the trap of things…sure, we all would like to be on a beach, take a spectacular vacation, live in a huge mansion, etc…and that's fine.  But we all know that having things is not fulfilling in itself if we aren't actively doing something each day.  So, what you want to develop here is the activity, people, and outcomes you would produce if you could be doing anything in life.  Would you be producing great meals, creating music, writing books, teaching kids how to surf…what is it that you could help others with that would not seem like work to you?

3. Drive Your Life Plan One Level Deeper

In step 2 you have come up with some possibilities for what you could do in life that would more closely align to your purpose.  Things that you *could* do that would not seem like work, that would excite you many times more than what you are doing today, that would make you happy and would help others around you.  For this step, put some color around your life if you followed this path.  Write down a description of how you would feel each day.  What would it be like to work with people on your own terms?  How would you sleep each night?  How energetic would you wake up each day?  How great would it feel to leave your old life behind and JUST focus on this new life?  You are emotionally charging your life plan – one very important piece to making it a reality.

4. Belief Driven Life Purpose

The final step toward finding your life purpose and beginning the purpose of turning your life around to be more aligned with your vision is to infuse your plan with belief.  Nothing great in life happens without our mind first believing that it is not only possible, but probable.  How do we learn to believe?

  • We see someone else do it, so we know it is possible
  • We visualize ourselves having actually achieved the desired outcome
  • We make not believing painful and believing pleasureful to the point where not believing becomes less desirable than believing
  • Taking action, getting results and transferring the belief that comes from progress toward further steps

So, how can you improve belief around your life purpose and life plan?

Here are a few ideas that have worked well for us…find a mentor, examples of people who have accomplished their goals and live as you would like to live in concert with a similar life purpose.  Study those people, dig in and find out their background and everything they have to offer in the public domain…you can really improve your belief by believing you can do what others have already achieved.   Second, you can create daily visualizations around having already achieved your transition to living in line with your life purpose.  Practicing these daily visions won't change your life instantly, but over days and weeks can have huge impact on your ability to breakthrough and live the life of you dreams.  Above all else, take small actions toward living your desired life.   Begin to dedicated 15-minutes, then 30-minutes, then 1-hour each day to performing tasks that will help drive your journey or live the life you have imagined and believe is possible in the earlier steps.


Are you ready to finally life a purpose-driven life?  Leave us a comment and let us know if this has helped you to once again become excited and motivated in life.

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