3 Ways To Improve Focus, Concentration And Energy


Do you find it hard to concentrate for any longer than a few minutes at one time?

Sticking to your goals and objectives long enough to make progress is a challenge?

Do you know what you SHOULD be doing, but instead you don't seem to have the energy, stamina, concentration or focus to stick to your plans and instead end up vegetating in front of the TV or going to bed at 9PM because you are just too exhausted to even start on your next task?

Let me share a major life experience I went through about 20-years ago that could literally change your life, so please read this very carefully.

By saying "change your life" I am not being dramatic.  Since going through this incredible experience myself so many years ago I now help others daily to recognize and overcome similar challenges and most people could easily improve their concentration, focus and energy by a factor of 2-3 times easily – some as much as 10-times.

Back nearly 20-years ago I went through a major challenge with concentration and focus, turns out 3 things were happening at once in my body…

1. Yeast overgrowth in my digestive tract – A large portion of today's population have similar imbalances in their digestive tract resulting in less flora and more yeast.  If you think about the national disaster that is often coined "heartburn", "acid reflux" or simply…indigestion and other symptoms such as extreme fatigue, lots of stomach/digestive challenges, very fuzzy brain and broken sleep as well as worry and extra stress…all worked against concentration and focus for sure.  This is one of the single biggest health afflictions in North America today and is very simple to bring under control once you know about it. 

We share details of I discovered my challenge and how we brought this quickly under control in Attracting Greatness

2. Too much arsenic in my system – specifically this was inorganic arsenic, likely caused by years of working in a Building Supply store touching or breathing aresenic-laced treated lumbers and wallboards

3. Parasites – most of us pick these up regularly, but are able to pass them right through our digestive tract, with the other challenges my entire system was not functioning which became a playground for nasties. 

Within weeks I was feeling better and within a few months was back to largely normal levels and no parasites – part of that was specific homeopathic and herbal targeting of yeast & parasites, while detox was important for all 3 and of MOST importance was diet – virtually eliminating sugar and refined carbs from my diet for a period of nearly 2-months. 

There was such a dramatic change in my body, life and mind that my diet was changed forever – in those 20-years since I have never had another soft-drink, rarely drink juice (always water), mostly do away with desert, cut back on breads and white flower (though I still have some on occasion). 

Ever since that challenge in my life and the few months it took to overcome, my immune system has been super-charged, I have had 10X the energy I used to and my mind has never been clearer, more focused or concentration easier – yet so many others suffer needlessly not really understanding these 3 important factors

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May 7, 2011

Chris @ 4:28 am #

I have been sick for the past few years, trying to get better still. Changed my diet and cut out the refined sugars/carbs about two years ago. I've been drinking nothing but water (and some juice) and eating an organic/natural/gluten free/dairy free diet.

A Dr. at Mayo clinic found high levels of inorganic arsenic in my system. I've had my water tested, and don't work near/around treated lumber. Still can't find the source of the arsenic in my system and it's getting really frustrating because I feel awful 24/7.

I'm wondering if you could shed some new light on me because it seems like you've had a similar situation. Thanks!

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