3 Ways To Immediately Increase Your Self-Esteem


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For many of us, all that is standing between our dreams, goals and desires is low self-esteem.

The frustration that develops from knowing what we want out of life and knowing that we have the ability to get there except for our lack of self-esteem becomes overwhelming to the point that we either give up or seek other escape mechanisms in life.

Yet there are ways to boost your self esteem that have been highly effective for many others and can work for you too.

1.Redirect Your Attention

Stop putting yourself in the center of attention.  Think about it, much of your internal thought process about how people see you has you dead-center doesn't it?  Instead, put the focus on others…take it off of yourself thus freeing yourself of the burden of having "all eyes on you" when social situations and relationships are always more diverse than that.  This is a big one…it's sometimes hard to understand but feeling that you must perform perfectly often (at it's root) comes from selfishness.  Instead of sharing all that you have and offer to the world, you instead put the focus on YOU as the central figure in any social situation.  In effect, this puts tremendous pressure to perform stacking the deck against yourself constantly.

2.Your Value

Our tendency is to always focus on what we perceive our weaknesses to be instead of keeping our strengths and value foremost in our minds.  What you want to do is have a list of things that you (and those around you) value about yourself.  Some of those things may be:

  • Good listener
  • Problem solver
  • Honesty
  • Communicate well
  • Action oriented
  • Get things done
  • Etc…

The idea is to develop a list of "good" things that you are proud to bring to the world and focus on those daily.


Yes, Meditation…for me this was a major turning point in my life (and since then we have shared techniques with many around us through Attracting Greatness with amazing results) – it can be challenging, but stick with it as regular meditation allows you to "park" your emotions and see things in a much more objective, non-judgemental way letting your true personality shine without the fear, anxiety and self-critical judgement that take place today.

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