3 Signs That You Have Strong Self Confidence


Lack of self confidence is a major contributor to stress, frustration, and hopelessness in today's society

Think about it, what is more frustrating than knowing you want something, are capable of having it but because you doubt your own ability to handle the journey toward achieving your goals (because it most likely contains pot holes of setbacks, negativity and perhaps even rejection) you are trapped into the reality that you can't actually pursue what you want.

Even more frustrating is the fact that those things you want MOST are surrounded by the highest self doubt – what if you can't do it? 

So, yes we have to work on our self confidence and learn to recognize when we do have a strong and healthy self confidence.

Here are 3 tests to tell if you have strong self belief and confidence:

1. You trust your own INITIAL feeling on something instead of following others you listen to or convincing yourself otherwise after letting self doubt enter your mind.  These are typically people who are willing to try anything, who tust their initial gut instinct about things before they begin to create excuses based on subjective fears that are reinforced by negative self-talk

2. You consistently see yourself as equal to those around you, especially those you look up to…and equally do not put yourself below or above others.  A healthy self confidence starts with convincing yourself you are as capable, worthy, reliable and resistent to things that may happen to you as the next person.  On the one had you understand we all have our challenges and insecurities (you do not gloss over negative feelings) and yet know and trust that you can overcome anything that happens to you – a confidence that you will come out ok no matter what life throws at you. 

3. Know that your source of strength comes from inside of you, that you control it and can nurture and dip into that inner strength whenever you need to and that outside opinions and manipulation cannot overcome your inner strength.  So many people lack self confidence bcause they are really scared to death that their inner strength is not strong enough to deal with what the outside world may throw at them…so they recoil and ironically DO allow the outside world to control them, the exact opposite of what is really true. 

How do you rate on these questions?  Are you low, medium or strong in terms of self confidence using these measuring sticks? 

If you see a need to improve your confidence, learn to trust your internal strength and move ahead in your life, check out Attract Greatness – a terrific set of steps to guide you toward strong, internally focused self confidence. 

Let us know where you ranked by leaving us a comment or question, we always enjoy hearing from you.

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