3 Most Important Ways To Manage Stress


manage stress

Stress and work, worry about your finances, relationships that have gone bad, not living up to your own expectations, the constant bombardment of bad news…the sources of stress anxiety in our lives have never been greater. If we are to keep from being completely paralyzed, we must act now and learn how to manage stress more effectively. 

What's most concerning is the damage that sress can do to your mind and body:

  • – Increased risk of heart disease
    – Makes you less likely to eat healthy
    – Stress results in chemical changes in your digestive system
    – Reduces your self-confidence and self-esteem
    – Makes you tired, negative and unable to stay positive
    – Is directly related to unhealthy weight gain
    – Impacts your ability to maintain good relationships

The body of research is still growing each month showing more damage to our lives from stress anxiety. 

In this personal development tips book there are 5 pillars upon which we can have an immediate, positive impact on our life achievement and health – our ability to manage stress is key. 

3 Ways To Manage Stress Now

It's worth stating again, not all stress is bad and ANY stress can be managed – so when you hear someone say that you need to fight stress, what we are really talking about is an ability to recognize how certain situations in our lives impact us and lessen the negative impact erasing the very damaging impact that stress and axiety can have on our lives. 

Follow these 3 stress tips and you will be able to take back control in your life.

1. Use meditation and yoga to accomplish to deal with stress.  Meditation will empower you in two very important ways.  First, you will get a better sense for how stress is impacting your mind and body and you will begin to get a feeling for what a stress-free state of mind actually is.  When you succeed with meditation, you are able to co-exist with all that used to cause you stress without feeling the impact on your mind and body.  In other words, you experience a complete state of bliss or peacefullness from which to analyze the rest of your conscious life.

2. Positive affirmations and guided imagery will help you put your state of mind in a new place…a place where you do have control, where you have already achieved the grand accomplishment of complete stress relief.  Use these positive affirmation techniques to make the most effective use of affirmations and visualization.

3. Leverage the mental and physical power of exercise.  Don't think that you immediately have to become obsessed with exercise, what we are talking about here is moderate exercise but on a consistent basis.  That may mean walking for 45-minutes each day, heading to the gym 3-times a week for 50-minutes, or mixing it up with a swim, jog and exercise class each once a week.  The bottom line is that getting your body moving, your heart pumping, your lungs charged with air are all incredibly powerful methods used to manage stress. 

If you live in a chronic stress state that prevents you from having energy, fun and achievement in your life, then you can bet that the impact on your body and mind is far worse than you may think.  Use these 3 powerful techniques to manage stress over the next 2-3 weeks and you will begin to notice how much anxiety you were really under.

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