3 Empowering Beliefs That Improve Your Day


No wonder we come home at the end of a day frustrated, depressed and sapped of energy…the fact is that our cycle of beliefs, thoughts and actions (which in turn further reinforce our beliefs) is negative.

Expecting things to magically change tomorrow, the next day or the next month is wishful thinking.

We are not about wishful thinking, instead we are about real CHANGE using techniques that can rapidly result in major transformations in your life.

So, if you are ready to begin to change your beliefs which will influence your thoughts and be reflected in your actions which will, in turn, further reinforce positive beliefs – it's time to take action.

Turning Negative Belief Cycle Into Positive Belief Cycles In Your Life

New Belief: I Can Deal With Anything And Turn It Into A Learning Experience

Instead of dreading and avoiding risk or progress and then feeling frustrated and regret that you were "held back", shed the negative belief that something bad will happen and abandon the fear that you will not be able to handle it if it does.  Boost your confidence, focus on challenges that you have handled over your life and know with certainty that you will handle whatever comes your way.

New Belief: I Completely Control How I Live My Life

Believing and reinforcing a lack of control in your life is perhaps one of the most harmful, disruptive and unhealthy beliefs you can possess. Not only does giving up control cause extreme hopelessness and stress, it also prevents you from being able to take action to change your life since you have basically given up all control.  Instead, take back control. Know that you have much to give and offer to the world and vow this minute forward that you will work to bring your amazing talent, personality and contribution to society.  This will mean that you have to start saying no to the outside world as we wrote in this blog post, but in the long-term the control and belief in yourself will far surpass where it is today.

New Belief: Setbacks and Failure Are How I Will Get Ahead

So much of what holds each of us back is a fear of failure which leads to avoiding the very path that many of us were meant to travel.  Begin now noticing how those who are happiest in life, who have achieved greatness and who today have positive thoughts do not run in fear of setbacks or failure but instead embrace them as stepping stones on the path on the ultimate journey in their lives.  Imagine how freeing changing this belief can be for you.  Never again are you afraid of stumbling or taking one step back because you realize that this is exactly how you can take two-steps forward.


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