3 Daily Self-Improvement Practices That Get Results


By now, anyone reading this blog knows I am a huge fan of including constant personal development and self improvement practices in my life and the lives of those who reach out for help.

There is really no better investment you can make in your life other than to improve your mental, physical and biological conditioning, removing barriers and living to your full, limitless potential.

As with anything though, study, experimentation and planning only go so far, you still have to "put the rubber to the road" as they say and change your daily habits to really change your life.

We don't want that change so radical that the pain of taking action is greater than the potential benefit you see down the road, yet at the same time you want to see real change right?

That brings me to 3 powerful self-improvement practices you employ immediately to see better results in your life – personal, emotional, relationships and career/financial

1. Focus On Your Purpose

The advice here is to always be tuned in to the the BIG picture.  You have heard the express "don't sweat the small stuff", problem is unless we know what the BIG stuff is, we don't know what the small stuff is.  If you do not yet have a handle on your purpose in life, your big WHY, your main motivation that drives you in life then you want to spend time on this each day until you feel you have a handle on it.  Just working toward this objective will help you gain control and clarity of purpose in your life.  Therein lies the secret, it's not so much finding the EXACT purpose (though some of us have that in hand), it is the process of working toward it – the journey – that helps the most.  The mere understanding and decision to live life purpose driven is powerful in itself, so please do not use the fact that you really don't know what your purpose is yet hold you back.  A good resource to help with is Attracting Greatness…Living The 5 Pillars of Greatness In Life.

2. This Day Too Shall Pass

One of the things that makes life so amazing is that each day is different, each day holds untold surprises and each day too, shall pass.   If you are in pain, are lost, are having personal, relationship or financial trouble…know that when you rest your head tonight, tomorrow will be another day with more opportunity, more hope as long as you embrace and accept that fact.   This concept has gotten me through some of my darkest hours, knowing and believing that tomorrow will be different and holds a new chance for positive energy to take over.  We can all get stuck in life for a day or two but only people that imprison themselves in negative beliefs and self-talk get stuck in a rut for weeks, months or years.  Take control and get unstuck with the belief that tomorrow brings a clean slate, a new opportunity to reset life in you desired direction.  Equally, if you just had the best day in your life, lock that in because you know that each day is different and with tomorrow can come challenges.  By doing this, you can draw on those "best" days to help you get through the "worst" days.

3. Constant Learning & Growth

The laws of physics demonstrate how motion is rewarded in the physical world, what starts in motion stays in motion unless deliberately stopped.  Momentum is gained only through movement.  The same thing holds true with self improvement and personal development.  Many of us get movement started in life (we become motivated by a talk, we achieve a desired goal, we take a step in the right direction, we read a great book or story that motivates us…) but then we deliberately STOP that momentum.   So what we need to do is make daily progress toward our goals or objectives…even if we have to dig deep, even if it seems that today is not a good day, even if a thousand other things are trying to infringe on this day…the law of motion will only hold if we keep taking action.   Have you ever tried, tried, tried to do something and suddenly, after the 5-th time, it worked?  Self-improvement often works that way, you may try until you feel your effort is fruitless but then the universe responds and motion and momentum swing your way.   The only failure is in those that stop before the breakthrough.

Progress, growth and self improvement in life happens largely through your daily focus, beliefs and actions.  Fitting these 3 habits into your daily routine will have a big impact on your personal, relationship, physical and financial results…go ahead and change your day, change your life today.

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